What Not To Love About (500) Days Of Summer?

I like!

8 hours before the show started, on a slow and lovely Friday, our movie-partner-in-crime sent me a text message saying that he could not make it, for he remembered there was a birthday party to attend.  Panic!  On the 11th floor!  Who was going to take over that one single movie ticket?  Cynthia and I do not have that many mutual single friends and I am not sure if my single friends are comfortable hanging out with the two of us.

To cut a long story short, I really wanted to bring one of my friends out, for she is still trying to heal her broken heart.  Friend support is important in this particular circumstance, I always preach that.  And I prayed and prayed – before and during the show – that she would not break down and cry.  I mean, it is a romance film and I had no idea which direction it would go.  Fortunately, she seemed OK.  I guess hope sells.  Obama won the election with hope; the Nobel price committee may have awarded Obama based on hope; Dan Brown’s new novel ends with hope; I have been telling my friend not to give up on hope.  Thank God “(500) Days of Summer” agrees with me.

“(500) Days of Summer” is a story about a boy meets a girl.  The narration goes back and fro on a particular day through the 500 days Tom Hanson (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Summer Finn (Zooey Deschanel) have been together.  A story told from the man’s perspective, but with a twist – at least to me – that there is a role reversal between Tom and Summer.  Hence, I reckon this movie is one that both sexes can relate.  If the narration was to follow the timeline, it would have been quite a depressing show to watch.  Because it is not, there is a good mix and happiness and sadness all told in a lighthearted manner.  It is one very entertaining show that makes the audience giggled all the time.  Cynthia thinks that the main actor has a pair of caring eyes that melts hearts.  I think that dude has a very nice smile (those eyes can surely smile!).  And I find the main actress’s acting a joy to watch, especially those moments that are without words.

This film does not seem to watch like a typical Hollywood production.  I think I may even get a BluRay recording for this show.  Now if there is a sequel …


  1. Wilfred I enjoyed your review on lost symboland armstrong
    An fyi when man believe he can be like God he roots himself in paganism.I have written a historical fiction mystery whuch centers around deception and revelation in a religious painting over 400 yrs to today. You seem to be a Christian with an extensive blogger network-maybe getting you an advanced copy would be good

    1. Andy – Hi, thanks for dropping by and glad to hear that you enjoy reading some of my book reviews. I often read a little more about the author and the book synopsis before committing to write a review or book summary. I hope you understand. You could reach me via email that can be found in the “About” link just under the banner.. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. i agree with Cynthia… ;-p the actor has a pair of caring eyes that melt (my) heart… ha ha..
    I find myself relating to the plot well through past experience. But I guess the whole story summed up to the quote by Summer where they were in the nostalgic park (towards the end) and she said, “…what I never sure of with you.” [for those who never watch before: Oops! sorry for the blooper!]

    1. Sharifah – You too eh? Ha ha ha. Interestingly, I think quite a lot of people can relate to the plot. Me too, believe it or not!

      Ya, that quote is classic. Funny when I say that as an advise to people who just got a broken heart and they won’t listen. But when they watch it on a movie, it seems to be such a clarity to them.

  3. Just finished watching the movie… It will be far more interesting if the movie can be turned into a novel… remains me of Haruki again…

    1. AY – Yes, I can see the potential of a good novel. Especially with the days going back and fro.

      I think (500) Days is too bright to be a Haruki Murakami material. It has to be a lot darker, a lore more surreal in my humble opinion.

        1. AY – Hmmm … This film is classified under romantic comedy, though with pockets of tragedy within. The overall mood is not as dark as other films talking about broken hearts. And the ending is certainly not a tragic ending, for there is hope. No tragic accidents, no tragic scene of couple gets caught cheating … just the sad reality of some couples are not meant for each other.

          Now, that doesn’t sound right … ha ha ha.

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