Don’t Miss Flight of the Conchords 2 Season Premier Rerun This Sat 1am

Watching FotC 2 at Art Museum

How time flies!  A year ago this month, HBO has invited Cynthia and I for the screening of the Flight of the Conchords (FotC).  This year, the The New Zealand Trade & Enterprise together with HBO have invited us for the special screening of the FotC Season 2.  In case if you haven’t heard, FotC is a New Zealand comedy production that carries a “HBO Original Series” branding.  Cynthia and I have watched the entire Season 1 and it was h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s!  We still play that CD whenever we need something just to cheer us up.

We were looking forward to the season premier last Monday at 11pm.  Unfortunately, Cynthia fell asleep watching Pirates of the Caribbean (episode 3) while I was busy blogging.  And because of that, we have missed the season premier of FotC 2.  Aahh~!

Fear not!  If you too have missed it like us, there is a rerun this Saturday at 1am (or Friday late night if you count the day ends when you fall asleep).  From the two episodes we have watched at the Arts House this evening, Bret and Jemaine as well as the band manager Murray are still as hilarious as ever.  Music is a major element in the FotC series and in this new season, the music appears to have sounded fresh and interesting.  Probably because Bret and Jemaine have composed this new set of songs after season 1 versus a ready-made music album years in the making for the previous season.  We have also noticed that in this season, Jemaine seems to play a larger role than Bret.  Maybe they want to do something different this season.

My alarm clock is set.  No way we are going to miss this rerun.  FotC 2 is broadcast at HBO on every Monday at 11pm and a Saturday rerun at 1am (OK, the entertainment industry may refer that as Friday).  As always, a big thanks to the HBO team for extending the invitation to us as well as the lovely dinner.  How time flies eh?

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    1. Karen – Thanks for dropping by my site. Btw, Cynthia has made the time recording last night. I really hope that she got the setting right. Hahaha. We are going to find out later today after our Spanish class!

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