I Love You, Man – I Cringed As I Laughed Out Loud

I Love You, Man

OK.  If you do intend to watch this movie, try to stay just a little bit longer when the credits start to roll.  There is a kind of funny clip that you would have missed.  The thing is, I am intrigued that Singaporeans, or Asians in general, are so eager to rush out of the theatre the moment the film is over.  In Europe, at least back in my schooling days, most viewers stayed till the very end of the show, after the rolling of credits.  Personally I enjoy the unwinding process, the music, to get a bit of insight on what’s behind the scene, and to pay a small tribute to those who have worked hard for the project.

My buddy TK and I often keep our text messages short.  That’s what SMS is meant to be.  This morning, knowing that he was waiting for me to confirm the movie title for tonight, I wanted to text “I love you man”.  But it sounded wrong.  So I appended, “I love you man, ok?”  It still sounded wrong so I reminded him that it’s a movie title.  Just in case.

When men hang out, we may do weird stuffs, say weird stuffs, and it is a very strange feeling to see how men bond on a big screen.  That’s why I cringed when I watched “I Love You, Man”.

I love chick flicks, as I find it intriguing to watch how women bond.  And I am not sure if it is the same level of enjoyment to Cynthia when she watched this movie.  Gosh, she likes it so much.  Honestly speaking, I am kind of a bit embarrassed.  I mean, these are meant to be behind-the-scene silly things that men say, or do.

There is a certain level of honesty, a lively script performed by Jason Segel (of Forgetting Sarah Marshall) and Paul Rudd whom I later on remembered him as the lover of Phoebe in the TV series Friends – thanks to Cynthia.  The storyline is mostly predictable though it’s a quality piece of comedy.

This film caused me to self-reflect.  What would I do if I have to make some new guy friends (as my best man) right now?  I don’t golf and I don’t drink anymore; I don’t party and I don’t watch football.  How stressful it would be!  And how about those silly things men do?  Part of me tells me that we are all grown-ups and we behave as proper adults.  Then I remember those days not too long ago when our band jammed at my home, my guitarist and I were going all crazy – screaming and making rock gestures – rehearsing our song “Unleash The Beast” in front of his then girlfriend – thank God they still end up married – that was worse than what you see in the movie.

Though I personally find the film a bit embarrassing to watch, I do like the repeated ‘community message’ targeted at the female audience.  Yes, in bed, we men love to …

3 thoughts on “I Love You, Man – I Cringed As I Laughed Out Loud”

  1. Very funny movie ! Such an eye-opener…

    I think it’s a dude-flick (it’s obvious it was written by guys for guys). Maybe guys will feel at ease and comforted/entertained watching this movie alone or with other guys, just like how we gals watch our chick-flicks.

  2. Cynthia – Got such thing as dude-flick?! Lol. Dudes don’t watch dude-flicks. We love action, we love steamy kind of action, and we love violence … ha ha ha.


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