Blood The Last Vampire – My Beloved Sassy Girl Turns Into A Demon Slayer

Blood: The Last Vampire

What more could I ask for?  My favorite Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun from my favorite movie “My Sassy Girl” is going to the heroine killing off waves after waves of demons slash vampires slash unholy creatures and save the … OK, I don’t quite know what she is saving for.  It’s Jun Ji-hyun.  Who cares about the story?

Apparently, TK from our Movie Review Squad cares.  He shook his head in dismay as the end credit rolled and said, “I don’t like it”.  Cynthia and I love the Buffy kind of one girl against all.  So we love “Blood The Last Vampire”.

I suspect the original Japanese Anime may be of a higher value in originality, from what I’ve read.  Some scenes of “Blood” reminds me of the movie “Underworld”.  It’s not one of those typical vampire series.  Saya – the main character played by Jun – looks 100% human except her eyes turn red when I suppose she is getting a power booster?  The absence of romance makes “Blood” unique from other vampire series.  And instead, the deepening of friendship between the 400 years old half human half vampire Saya and another girl is kind of … hot.

I wish “Blood” was shot entirely in Japanese with a Japanese casting.  A filming team from what appears as China and Argentina making a Western movie leaves much room to desire for.  Having said that, Jun Ji-hyun’s (or Gianna Jun as her new screen name) English is pretty convincing.  Venturing into a relatively hardcore action role – knowing how tough it must have been – is an amiable effort.  The ending may seem strange to some.  To someone who loves Wuxia type of Chinese novels, this type of heroine saving the … whatever worth fighting for is certainly my cup of tea.

Yes, “Blood” is a rather bloody film to watch.  It is because in the original story, those self-healing demons – Chiroptera – can only be killed by causing them to lose a large amount of blood with one attack.  There you go.  The lore of “Blood” in a nutshell.

13 thoughts on “Blood The Last Vampire – My Beloved Sassy Girl Turns Into A Demon Slayer”

  1. Managed to catch the movie. I had expected much more esp with credentials of like Crouching Tiger – but the movie somehow seems a lil cheap. Now I understand – u mentioned it’s a China / Argentina production. I thought it was Hollywood.

    I agree, an all Jap movie might have been better. But then again, that would be tougher to get into the American market, ya? Btw, how did it fare in USA?

  2. QuaChee – Yes, I think this movie tries to penetrate into the US market. Even the lead actress has adopted an easy to remember English name!

    I don’t think Blood is out in US yet. The scheduled date to show in US is July 10 I think.

  3. Chuang Shyue Chou – Ha ha ha … OK. I happen to be really into Ann Rice’s Vampire series at some point in the past and also was quite passionate over the role playing game (real life not PC) Masquerade based on Vampires. Believe it or not, I have met people who are involved in Masquerade (I hope I spell that correctly) and each region has a prince! Imagine, a vampire prince stationed in Singapore. Very funky.

  4. Wil- I was expecting a more deeper plot… it a bit disapointing to see just plain slashing from the start to the begining to the end… I thought the blood also look too CG, they are trying too hard to show each drop of blood splash out whenever Saya cut some dude or vampire… making it look fake.

    I sure if it is in Japanese it will be more natural, since it first came out from animation in Japan. Watching the Trailer will be like watching the whole movie already… haha… since they put all the nice fighting scene inside already.

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  6. Yes, I have read some Anne Rice.

    I am also familiar with the Vampire the Masquerade RPG and the others in the World of Darkness. Wraith the Oblivion, Mage, the Ascension. These were big amongst some youths about two decades back. I have the books somewhere.

    I never did get down to playing the computer game. I did know people into Live Action Roleplaying in the early nineties.

  7. Ng – Maybe after watching the trailer or knowing that it’s not a Hollywood production, I have already discounted my expectation. It is definitely not another Crouching Tiger. I know our movie buddy didn’t like it. Nonetheless, it’s still entertaining to me.

  8. Chuang Shyue Chou – I think those who are into the live action roleplaying of Vampire the Masquerade are from another world. Ha ha ha. No, I have not played that in real life. But I was intrigued by the rule books and the lore.

  9. Oh Oh! Further to @Ng’s reply, I would rather a deeper plot since the special effects aren’t that gruesome. (As I’d known that jap-anime are known for their superb storyline.)

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