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Association of Bloggers (Singapore) - First Group Photo

Here is one secret of mine that no one knows except my mother.  When I was young, I dreamed of being a bus driver.  I would pace around my home in Hong Kong for hours imagining that I was shuttling my passengers around.  Little did I know that instead, I would become a secretary one day.

Maybe I could look cute in skirt.  That’s why our president EastCoastLife has appointed me as the association’s secretary.  When the prominent local blogger EastCoastLife – whom we have been dropping comments at each other’s sites for years – invited me to meet with other Singapore bloggers in person, I was curiously excited.  A series of events since the days of the Singapore F1 that lead to our association formally registered in Singapore – first of its kind.


Blogging is my passion.  And I am excited to be part of this association.  As a first generation immigrant of a country that I love (since 98), I am honored to take part in building something tangible here.  This is my sole motivation.  And as for the key stakeholders – in my personal view – they are (1) Singapore, (2) the public, and (3) the members.  My personal vision of success in mid term is to contribute in building a strong and sustainable blogging community in Singapore as the frontier of the New Media.  Some of you know that I have been a Management Consultant for more than a decade before moving into the industry and now helping to drive global initiatives.  I aim to bring along my experience of working with the leaders of the organizations – both profit and non-profit – into this new association.

Back to this secretary role, I hope it is just about taking minutes, co-signing cheques, answering phone calls, buying takeaway, babysitting bosses’ toddlers, taking pictures, and screaming at everybody but the bosses.  I mean, that is the job description of a secretary right?

Above are some of the pictures taken during one of our meetings (note: written consent required by the association before used).  Below are the links to the websites of our founding members.  They are really fun people to be with, so much talents from a diverse background.  I can’t say too much on the upcoming events now and we shall hear it from our media team later (hmmm … where have I put my media team hat).  Stay tuned!  This is a beginning of many great things to come ~ to quote EastCoastLife.

PS. Association of Bloggers (Singapore) is covered by Today’s TODAY newspaper, the morning edition.

Association of Bloggers (Singapore) – Committee Members

37 thoughts on “Association of Bloggers (Singapore) – This Is Your Secretary Speaking”

  1. Hey Wilf! Wow, so now you are officially on the A-list bloggers in SG.

    Anyway, I think good conversation and credible thoughts and views exist in the blogosphere, just that the nonsense gets more attention because the media chooses to highlight them more.

    However, I just would like to point out that the nature of blogging as a media is by definition “a loose pile of sand”. Once you get together to form some kind of organisation, there goes the autonomy and constraints begin to appear, evident in your restrain in disclosing more information about the upcoming events.

    Uniting together will probably form some other form of synergy not found when you are blogging as individuals, so I would stay tuned to find out what your group has planned! 🙂

  2. Wilfrid, thanks for the sms. Congrats to all of you! Can’t wait for the official launch! Wish you all the best and success!

  3. I chuckled when reading this entry.

    When we were young, my brother and I played bus driver and conductor as well (well in Indonesia it’s angkot instead of bus, but essentially similar).

    I thought being a conductor was really funky. We got to wear clothes with a lot of pockets and got to collect money.

    Not quite sure what is the connection between bus drivers and secretaries? ::scratch head::

  4. Choong Yong – You have raised a absolute good point on creating synergy amongst bloggers. And as an association, we are also looking into fostering a positive blogging environment in Singapore via sharing and education.

    We are hoping to announce more on upcoming events during our soft launch next month (as seen in TODAY). And the website should be up in a few weeks’ time (when things become official, it just take more time to get things approved externally through the various parties). After which, more info can be shared.

    So, this entry does read like a teaser eh? 🙂

    I will certainly look you up for more guidance as you have accomplished a lot politically in Singapore.

    PS. Not A-list lah.

  5. Lora – Thanks! And that is what we are aiming to achieve – in benefiting the society.

    Finally … doing something directly for Singapore.

    PS. I realize that once my hair grows longer, I can have different styles according to the situation! Why didn’t I think of this when I was younger.

  6. Cynthia – Really?! I always thought I am the oddball dreaming to be a bus driver when everyone in my school was dreaming to be a CEO or something like that.

    Think along that line and you may see the connection 🙂

  7. Secretary,
    Here’s the order for today’s tea.

    2 teh si
    4 kopi o
    1 kopi si
    1 kopi susu – less sugar
    4 slices kaya toast
    1 slice kaya toast without butter
    2 slices toast without kaya but add sugar
    1 packet wanton mee, more chilli, no vegies

    Oh…. don’t forget to get me the Today papers, afternoon edition

  8. JT – Thanks! Our team here in this association is all gunning for that. It’s not going to be easy, pretty much like all the associations or non-profit organizations that first start.

    PS. That hair style has a name. It is called Out-of-bed + lots of strong wind!

  9. Soomay – Hello thanks! Sorry I couldn’t have say a thing about it at the time of the interview. I did not get the go ahead from the association. The guideline given is to separate my personal interview from the association’s official announcement, which I can understand. Our president Jayne has an exclusive interview with TODAY that no one was certain when it would be out and the rest of the committee members have a timed synchronized blog posting (this one).

    Hence, this is a short story long 🙂 Hope you understand.

    I am sure many more exciting things would be coming your way.

    Your hairstyle looks different!

    P/S I cannot imagine you pretending to be a bus driver when you were younger. I also cannot imagine you in a skirt 😛

  11. G – Lol … differently good, or differently shocking?!

    Oh well, I was born in a very humble family and so, being a bus driver was my dream while the rest of the class wanted to be managers and CEOs. And I couldn’t understand why when you could do something as fun as driving a bus.

    And that, is another story 🙂

  12. Tigerfish – Lol … the story behind the shirt color is that at first we picked a color. Something like black or red. And then some don’t have shirts on this color, some don’t have that color shirt. And personally, all my shirts are either white or business blue. So in the end, white seems to be the common color that everybody has.

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