I Picture Myself As a Surfer

In as much as I wish to follow closely the exciting world news these days, I feel isolated working in a city out of my home country.  Having to face a relatively large group of people – that if to double count the country of birth and of work, they whom literally come from all continents of the world – the interaction and the so-called rollercoaster politics is enough to make me forget about the third debate of Obama versus McCain.  Almost.

Menara Axis – where our workshop is – is merely a stone throw away from the hotel I am staying in.  Yet on the first day of work, my colleague and I were trying hard to figure out how to get to the other side of the highway.  Very much like The Amazing Race (see pictures above or click here for the slideshow).  Looking back, after spending the past four days trekking those concrete jungle trails, it is really not that harsh.  Just that, there is no zebra crossing (actually I told my overseas friends not to trust the zebra crossing here with their lives), no traffic light for the pedestrians, and we simply have to watch out for the motorists as we enter the mini-intersection above the highway.  The experience reminds me of that one time (and obviously last time) I was trying to take a public transport from PJ to KL via the new transit railway.  No wonder there are so many cars here in Malaysia.

You know how it is like that you are aware that something big and exciting is coming you way and you thought with all that you have seen and done in the past, you can do it.  Yet when that something big and exciting hits you, you have a challenging time trying to remain standing.  Imagine yourself on the surfboard with the blue sky as the backdrop.  Perhaps because no two waves are the same, the surfers love what they do waves after waves.  Perhaps to those who sunbath by the beach, looking at the surfers and the waves, it is just another surfer, another wave.  And to me, as the ‘surfer’, in these couple of days, I see crucible moments.  One day I may look back, at a particular juncture in life, and say, “I am who I am because of those particular days.”

Passed the halfway mark today and four more working days to go in help handling this workshop, I am so looking forward to a restful weekend.  I wish to catch up on what I planned to do.  And my plan has not been carried out as planned, yet.

8 thoughts on “I Picture Myself As a Surfer”

  1. One day I may look back, at a particular juncture in life, and say, “I am who I am because of those particular days.”

    Gosh so true!!!
    This hit home!

  2. Tigerfish – Lol … nothing to that Tsunami scale of extend yet … Good thought though. One day if I do write a book on this topic, I will certainly quote (and credit) you!

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