Speed Touring Chennai Pt 1 – Pictures from the City

A montage from my short Chennai trip - pictures from the city

If there is such a term as ‘speed reading’ or ‘speed dating’, I guess my trip to Chennai is speed touring in the finest. I have written two articles for my two days visit. Click onto the link below to view.

To recap, out of the blue, my bosses asked me to join them for their ‘VIP visit’. Fine. I have not been to India before. And besides, since I was not in the project’s travel plan, I shouldn’t be doing much besides making coffee and writing notes right?

OK. That picture I had in my head was far from the reality. There were questions flying left, right, center, pointing towards me in a room so full of people including all my bosses and more, for 2 days. Certainly not a good time to screw up or look stupid. Oh well, I really should consider writing a song titled “So I Did My Best”.

So I did my best. Work aside, I managed to squeeze out time in my 2 days trip to Chennai and took some pretty good pictures during the day. At one point, I was so excited that I winded down the window of car and started to take pictures. Everyone inside was screaming as though I have committed the silliest mistake in life.

And I did. No one in India sticks out any part of their bodies from within the moving vehicles that are often inches away from each other. Gosh!

I hope you will enjoy some of the pictures I have posted in the next two articles. If I was to have a bit more time, I would love to hit the beach. Maybe next time.

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9 thoughts on “Speed Touring Chennai Pt 1 – Pictures from the City”

  1. Tigerfish – Very good question. I think in my … erm … younger years, I have spent much time working in developing countries with locations not too far off from Chennai. And back then, I think anything goes. But for now, I think I am done with my share of relocation and simply wish to stay in the comfort of my home country – Singapore that is 🙂

  2. When you said, ‘So I did my best’, I am so proud of you! ya… I know it would be the best if my bro did the best… haha… too biased… 😛

  3. ECL – OK lah … 2 days is just nice … ha ha ha. I wish I could have seen the beach although my local friend told me that there exists some pretty illegal activities by the beach.

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