My Harvest at the Great Singapore Sales (So Far)

Call me whatever you like but I simply love the teal color flower petal lookalike tiny thingies that produce beautiful sound.  When I took them out of the box, Cynthia went oooorrhh sooo cute …  and at that moment, I know, girls love that design too.  In fact, I think girls love this design this color more than men do.  Then why did I buy them?

Don’t ask, don’t think too deep.

Not sure why, these days my shopping decisions are largely based on aesthetic values.  Like that pair of pointy shoes.  I looked at those lines, the shape, and I was in love.  Besides, I am no long a size 9 but a 7.  The salesgirl told me that it was due to the cutting.  Now imagine how a girl would feel when the dress size drops by two.  Cynthia calls me a Peter Pan or an elf.  Call me whatever you like but I simply love those pointy shoes …

Except, they were not that entirely comfortable to wear.  Far from that, it was pretty painful to wear.  I used muscles that I didn’t know they existed before.  How do girls walk with shoes like these?  Fortunately these pointy shoes of mine are not high-heeled.  And after a week, I walk like a pro, with these pointy shoes.

And no, contrary to the myths I have heard from some of my friends, I don’t topple and I don’t find it hard to walk up the stairs.

I think I am a hybrid shopper, a type AB.  I do shop with prioritized objectives in mind and I do take forever to make a decision.  You can’t really blame me deriving joy from getting a good bargain and to leave no ground uncovered, no items untested.

You may not have realized this: Imagine you want to buy a pair of speakers for your iPod or computer, most shops have speakers on display powered up, ready for demonstration except for the source of music.  The sales persons more often than not would scramble to look for something to play.

Fear not, with my wonderful wireless phone, all I have to do is to jack in the speaker cable and voilà!  Music on demand.  Since by now, I must have listened to that song by YUI for like 5,000 times (I ain’t joking), it has become my yardstick to determine which speaker model is the best.

And I picked the best looking one in the end (see picture above).

When I told my buddy Robert Let’s Go PC Show, his first response was It’ll be Too Crowded Let’s Not Do It.  I said Fine, I’ll Go There First and We’ll Meet for Lunch An Hour Later.  As the doors of the exhibition hall opened at noon sharp, OK, there was a crowd.  But same place, years ago when Cynthia and I watched Avril Lavigne’s concert, it was a whole lot more crowded than this.

Once in a blue moon, you get yourself into some surreal situations and suddenly, whatever you hear sounds really strange.

Somewhere inside the PC Show exhibition hall, one pair of earphones, close to S$700.  My.  Jaw.  Dropped.  This girl at the Shure booth was very keen to show me what she has got.  “You’ve got to try these,” she smiled.  I looked at the earphones dangling in front of her, for lack of a better word, chest.  I have no idea why she was wearing the most expensive earphones over her neck.  Hesitated for a bit, I gave it a go.   Unplugging my Sennheiser earphones from my wireless phone, I was all ready to be blown away.

“Is this your first time?” she asked.  I presumed she referred to the first time wearing the Shure earphones.  “You’ve got to go from behind,” she demonstrated as she was trying to help me with it.  But it just couldn’t get in.  “Yours is a bit small.  It keeps slipping out,” she giggled.

Huh?  “Let me do it,” I said.  And it went in OK, the other side as well.

The sound is pretty good.  But S$700 for that is kind of out of this world.

So what did I buy at the PC Show?  Well, I supported our local industry and bought something from Creative.  Back in the office when I showed one friend of mine what I was going to get, he was shocked at how fast I made my decision out of so many models Creative have offered.  He probed deeper into my wisdom and I said …

“Look!  It says, ‘Hear your enemies before they find you’.  And I want just that.”

I love making decisions when the marketing jargon and killer designs have taken care of them all.  And I am looking forward to my next round of shopping.


  1. Yes, I do purchase Creative. I got one of their mp3 players some years ago and I found it intuitive and highly usable. I am satisfied with it.

    I think Creative has good products but they are lousy at marketing.

  2. CSC – Oh, that I agree. Even the packaging of my Creative sound card. It was like some sort of cheap cardboard wrapping this wonderful piece of circuitry up that does not do the product justice.

    How can?!

    Even my S$38 wireless USB adapter has a much better packaging than that.

  3. Alamak I imagine you strutting in those pointy shoes and I shudder. ewww……

    er… pardon my Friday the 13th craziness, what is that flowery thingy ah?

  4. ECL – Meet me at town during office hours and I will show you the shoes 🙂 I can buy you coffee too!

    Those flowery thingies are my brand new speakers for my computer.

  5. Speakers so cute ah! How much ah? Selling at a discount at Computer Fair? I fly there!

    You wear the pointy shoes to work!! Wah! I’ll meet you one day in town…. have to be there anyway. ehhe….

  6. Sam – I know! They do look somewhat … never mind. But hey, look at the bright side, I didn’t pick the pink or orange color ones. Besides, I would have picked up the Bose speakers that are selling at S$400 after discount. But the Bose speakers – albeit sounding darn good – look boring. So JBL it is then.

  7. Size 7?!??!?! I’m just half size smaller at 6.5! Hahahah! I did not have a chance at GSS, instead done my shopping when I was back in the States!

  8. Tigerfish – Yep, crazy isn’t it? No wonder they are so uncomfortable … ha ha ha. Oh, when I was in US, those factory outlets drove me insane.

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