Battle of Sennheiser e845 Versus Shure SM58

When I first embarked on the music recording journey, Jason recommend the industry standard none other than the self-proclaimed-legendary Shure SM58 that is tuned to accentuate the warmth and clarity of vocals. For years, SM58 has served me well. I did many hours of recording using SM58 during our jamming sessions and songwriting.

Today, Jason told me that Sennheiser e845 is on sales in one of the shops at Sim Lim Square so during lunch I checked out this Sennhesier microphone priced at S$169. To be fair, e845 is supposed to be one notch above SM58. A high performance super-cardioid lead vocal microphone with a frequency response of 40Hz to 16kHz versus SM58’s unidirectional (cardioid) pattern with a frequency response of 50Hz to 15kHz. The difference is clear. While SM58 makes my voice sounded warm, e845 gives forth the details that potentially rivals condenser microphones (both SM58 and e845 are dynamic microphones for stage use). I have to be careful when pronouncing the P’s and B’s and any emphases when using e845. It is that sensitive.

Coupled my new microphone cable Whirlwind (priced at S$55, supposed to be one of the best and I have left it in my store room for months) with my new Sennhesier e845, the result is simply stunning. The clarity, the truer representation of my voice, the details, and right now, the e845 and Whirlwind combo has my vote. Time to put this to test with my band in the next jamming session.

24 thoughts on “Battle of Sennheiser e845 Versus Shure SM58”

  1. Definitely not a “dud”. Hahaha. Just that now I have to sing as though I am singing into a condenser mic. Take a bit of getting used to but I guess that is one of the techniques that I should master.

  2. Hi Dave. I believe the store is at 3rd floor. It faces directly to you as you come out from the escalator on your way up.

  3. The shop is called Hung Brothers and its indeed on the 3rd floor, they have a great collection of Mics, Speakers and headphones. definately a shop you want to check out if you are a home recording artist or are looking for some usefull stuff for your jams or gigs.

    Check it out

  4. To add on to my earlier message the Sennheiser E845 is indeed a very awesome Mic, especially for female voices and is a lot clearer then the SM58, the SM58 is a great jam or gig mic though because its built like a bloody tank.
    I challenge all SM58 users to give the E845 a try to find out yourself.

  5. Denis – Thanks for dropping by. Ever since I have used Sennheiser e845, there is no turning back. I simply love the details in every one of my recording. Not sure why, I even prefer to use e845 for demo track-by-track recording than my Samson condenser mic.

    And I enjoy visiting that Sim Lim shop every now and then.

  6. Well done Jason, for recommending the senn E845 as a close comparison to the mighty SM58. I could hardly believe it myself, but my good friend, Paul White of ‘Sound On Sound’ magazine loaned me some of his for the female vocals of UK dub reggae act ‘ Dubmerge, featuring.Molara’ when they came to town.
    I put one over the percs’ section ( ‘Drum Love’, 3piece djembe and timbale hand drums) and it did indeed have the depth and clarity of a pcm.
    Molera herself on lead vocals prefers to leave the mic on a straight stand and dance Africun Stylee, delivering her conscious message in the lyric.
    I am impressed with this microphone, and have just taken delivery a pair to supplement my live inventory
    Phil Linnell ( Malvern Hills P.A.).

  7. Phil Linnell – Thanks for dropping by and share your experience. Guess what? I am still using that as my preferred mic (for more than 2 years) 🙂

    Take care.

  8. I run the sound in Springfield mass and we use four 845 and one 58. I use the 58 on a ruff voice to smooth it out. If we did not have the 58 picking up dust in the back i would have got a another 845. You should also try the 835. It is supposed to be the same as the 58 but is clearly better. In my opinion Shure is only good on instruments

    1. Matt – Thanks for sharing your experience. I thought SM57 (?) is meant for instruments while SM58 is for vocals. I think your observation is correct (in using 58 to smooth out certain voice texture). For me, I prefer e845. If I have a chance, I may try out e835. Thanks for the tips.

      1. You are correct the SM57 is there primary instrument mic, but when you compare vocal to vocal and instrument to instrument. Senn wins vocal hands down and Shure wins Instrument.(except for special cases). After all my experience with using everything from radio shack to Audio tecnica. If some whats to sing ill get them a Sen if they want to play an instrument it will always be a Shure. On another note if you are in a jam a SM 58 pick up an acoustic guitar better then a e845.

        1. Matt – For condensor mic (vocal recording), which brand and make would you recommend? I am currently using a Samson. Not entirely happy with it. Seems to lack the warmth and depth.

          1. I do not run a different setup for recording. I love the Senn 845 and we record live every Sunday (church praise and worship) and i love the way it sounds on the headphones. I even have done solo tracks with them and cannot find reasons to justify a special mic for recording. Maybe I’m missing out. To quote Alton Brown (Good Eats) “If its not a multi tasker it don’t belong in my kitchen.”

            1. Matt – For live recording, I suppose a dynamic mic suffices. As for studio recording, condenser mic is still better in terms of the details such as breath and the opening and closing of lips for vocal focused songs.

              I think it is very rare for recording artists to reocrd their vocals with dynamic mics. INXS lead singer was used to record with SM58, I think.

    1. Every Sunday i have a male singer on a Shure 58 and a female on a Senn 845 and if any thing the Senn is more powerful. But wilfrid is right check your set up.

  9. Yes. In my experience the sennheiser is the better even if it is a bit more expensive. I imagine it would be a first rate mic in the studio as well. Not sure about the Whirlwind though…. There are definitly better cables out there.

  10. Hey guys,
    I’m about to start performing with a covers band and have had both the shure and sennheiser recommended to me. I’m really not sure which option to go (I’d buy both of they weren’t $200 each)and need some help!

    1. Mala – I think both are good. Would you be able to try the mics? Because as vocalist, you have to be comfortable with the sound the mic produces. Shure for me sounds pretty mellow and Sennheiser seems more sweet and clear. Personally I prefer Seenheiser because I am more comfortable with it. You may wish to give them a try.

      Best of luck in your gig!

  11. I’m a vocalist and I own both mics and to be honest I much prefer the SM58. That’s not to say the Senn isn’t a quality mic, it’s just it is that little bit more sensitive and it tends to pick up unwanted frequencies from the cymbals. On the other hand, I use the E845 to record instruments . It picks up the detail beautifully.

  12. I am a male vocalist and I sing Indian semi classical to bollywood songs. I have a baritone voice.
    Can i use Sen e845 to record vocals other than jam sessions?

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