My Paris Collection – Coming out of Water (Prelude to Love Album)

Thunder rolls and the sky cracks opened. Dark dense clouds circulates above the ocean. A beam of light shines onto the sea. Bubbles release from the surface. Small bubbles. Big bubbles. Signify the rise of a monument that shall stand to the end of time.

Thunder roars and the lightning strikes. Chase away the vicious darkness. The earth shakes with the boom of the blast. Creature gathers together. Small creatures. Big creatures. Witness the rise of a monument that shall stand to the end of time.

A heart made of steel. No rust shall ever corrupt this beautiful statue. Steel came from the purifying furnace, no scar shall penetrate deeper than just the surface. Seven angels sing, accomplish by the harmony coming from seven beautiful instruments.

Celebrate this moment of time. Enormous as it shall be, it stands proudly above the water. Colored fume whirls and wraps around this statue. Slowly, the statue takes its form.

A different time, a different form. Does that matter? And the obelisk of time, life and joy is once again reconstructed.

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