Our Band Photos of Music for Hope 2008 Are Out!

Our band photographer Mark Lim has just broadcast the photos taken during our band No Eye Candy’s 30 minutes live performance at Hereen last evening.  It was his first concert shot and you have got to agree with me that these are great shots capturing the essence of our gig as well as the audience.  Good job Mark!  No Eye Candy loves you!  You have secured yourself a 5 years contract with the band with payment in the form of free access to our concerts and behind-the-scene shots!  What saying you?!

For those who wish to read our journey of this Music for Hope gig, feel free to follow the link to this tag.  It is one helluva journey and who knows what 2009 will bring?  And if you like the band photos, please drop by Mark’s website and give him a pat on his shoulder.  Thank you.

Click here for the photos taken during our little celebration after the gig.


  1. My honor to be present at your first band performance. GOOD SHOW, No Eye Candy~!!! 😉 Honestly, you won’t know how touching I was when I saw my brother and sister-in-law performing on stage… May be it is due to the fact that our dad was always working as back-stage in numerous concerts. I can’t imagine how touching and proud my dad would feel if he saw, not Alan Tam or Jacky Cheung, but Wong Kin Fai Wilfrid, his own son, performing on stage! My heart suddenly felt his heart and I am happy that you finally made your dream come true.

    Congratulations again! Three CHEERS for No Eye Candy!!! All of you did a great job! I definitely look forward to seeing more of your performance. Add oil~! 😀

    Your Forever Supporter 🙂

  2. Lora – I guess I have always seen you as the representative of mom and dad. Yes, you are right. How I wish they were there too. So much influence our parents have had onto us. Maybe all these backstage experience on live concerts that make me aspired to be out there one day.

    I will try to see if I can send them a video recording – whatever quality it turns out to be. That would be ideal.

  3. Hi Wilfrid, I only realised that your band played at Heeren after seeing Mark’s photo in Facebook!

    A pity I missed it this time, but would want to be there live at your next gig.

  4. Choong Yong – Not to worry! We hope to play again soon. We will continue to blast our upcoming events through my Facebook and this website of mine. Stay tuned!

    Maybe I shall publicize our No Eye Candy Facebook group eh?

  5. Lora, thank you for your continuous support. Glad to know that you (& Ben) will always be there to give us a clap :). We would be safe !

  6. hey wilfrid, congratulations on no eye candy’s first public performance! next time sms can? 😀 will definitely try to be there for your 2nd performance!

  7. No Eye Candy!!! Hurray for yr 1st live concert!!!!!!!!!!
    The photos were great & the atmosphere looks & feels great without even being there

    Keep the great work up gals & guys but pls invite yr guitarist to pj if possible so that i may listen to some Bon Jovi !!!!!!!!

    Cheers & Regards


  8. Kah Lok – Cheers mate! We certainly would love to play gigs in PJ. Now we need to give a bit more pressure to our Malaysia band manager *ahem* Adeline. Ha ha ha.

  9. and me and me!!

    I am so sorry I wasn’t there for the band’s first live concert! but you guys looked really great! Congrats and I sure look forward to ur next gig! 🙂

  10. Jem – Hey, ex-band manager! Erm, the sound recording was kind of quite bad because of the sound system and the Salvation Army belt didn’t cease to stop outside of Hereen the entire time! Lol. We shall see.

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