Snippet Of My Life Episode 21 – Endless Wondering

An artistic view of what I see every day

I often wonder: What is your morning ritual at work like?  I once followed the blog sites of a paramedic and a restaurant server and what excitingly interesting lives they have!  Office life doesn’t make great movie story.  If I have to think of one, I think of “Being John Malkovich”.  I really can’t think of any other.

Every morning I spend a quarter of an hour or so taking out my laptop and my personal stuffs from my locker, heading to the desk I have booked one week ago, and waiting for Windows to boot up.  Windows!  What would this world be had there be no Windows?  A more productive world, I reckon.  A less frustrating world, I reckon.

I wonder who came up with this hot desking idea in an office whereby most of us are stationed in Singapore.  So we take turn in bumping each other out as we book our seats one week in advance.  I need a little notebook to keep track of the desk numbers, against the calendar days.  I embrace hot desking system.  But playing musical chair at work is just silly.

So every morning I spend another quarter of an hour waiting for the office applications to load up, clicking through the desk booking system that somewhat looks like the picture on top of this post (pardon my artistic touch), and think: Hmmm … where shall I sit 7 days from now?

And I open up the image of the office floor plan, try to recall which are the seats not to book.  At times, I either get a friendly email from the secretary if I accidentally book her boss’s seat or on the day itself, get reassigned to another.  Some areas are unofficially reserved for team clusters that tend to be more territorial.  We even have a term for those – ‘land mines’.  On top of that, I do have my personal preferences like not wanting to face the toilet door or the meeting rooms.  Everybody does online desk booking 7 days in advance.  I wonder how much time we spend everyday just to get a seat to work.

Something is not right but no one is doing anything.  Similar to how we accept a trash operating system for a decade and more.

*     *     *     *     *


Last week I have converted my car into mobile Wi-fi hotspot.  Thanks to my N97.  So if you are to ride with me, you have free Wi-fi access on the road.  Today’s lunch, I have converted myself into a walking Wi-fi hotspot.  I really want the Internet Radio bad.  So bad that it has to be done at all cost.  I want to listen to Internet Radio in the car, at work, and on the road – like I was used to with my old N96.  Because I have 30Gb mobile data quota to burn every month.  Because I am learning Spanish.  And more importantly, because I like to listen to things that are not what everybody around me is listening to.

So I walked around the blocks, this lunch time.  Deep inside my trousers’ left pocket, my N97 was running hot as a Wi-fi hotspot converting 3.5G mobile signal into a wireless network.  Deep inside my right pocket, my N96 was running hot as a Wi-fi receiver, broadcasting the radio transmission to my earphones all the way from Spain using the Internet connection provided by my N97 inside my left pocket.  And as I was walking on the street, this lunch time, I couldn’t help but to visualize the amount of radiation and invisible action that happened from my left trousers pocket to the right, and in between …

I sincerely hope that my genetic replicating devices are OK, amidst the heat and the radiation.  If Nokia is reading this, please hurry up with the development of the Internet Radio for your newer phones.  What’s taking you so long, I wonder. 

*     *     *     *     *

Ever since I have moved to a different office location, so far away from my friends in town, ever since my team has reduced into a one-man-show, ever since Cynthia has left Singapore for a business trip, if not for the occasion phone calls I have during the working hours, I could theoretically not to speak more than 10 words a day (still need to order food).  It doesn’t take too long to eat when you are alone.  So these days, I have plenty of time to read during lunch.  And because I don’t talk much, I have plenty of time to think.

My life today reminds me of my business trip to Paris long time ago.  Between Friday’s have-a-good-weekend to Monday’s how-was-your-weekend, I hardly had a conversation with anyone over the weekend.  Now, I don’t even have someone to have-a-good-weekend and how-was-your-weekend with at work.

Strange, in a melancholic way.

Fortunately, Cynthia is coming home this Sunday.  What would my life be like if I was still single?  I wonder.

15 thoughts on “Snippet Of My Life Episode 21 – Endless Wondering”

  1. Hot desking system:
    Oh… that’s really silly!! I can’t imagine my working desk will shift all over the office. I thought apart from laptop, people still need a stable place to work with stationery, your own cup and pot, files, or even photos/pictures (to make the staff stay happier while they need to spend so many hours in the office…) BTW, can you every time book the same desk?

    Wi-fi Hotspot
    Making yourself as a Wi-fi Hotspot??!!! Oh no… before you mentioned about the radiation, I am so worried for you already. Stay away from all those radiation la… may not be good for your health. BTW, I guess you know that the high temperature in ‘your pocket area’….errr… is not that ‘friendly’ to man especially… I think you know what I mean……………

    Not to speak more than 10 words a day:
    Luckily you are a man!! hahaha… Normally, woman has so many words to let go every day. So, wanna meet for dinner on Fri or lunch on Sat? One more interesting suggestion is…. coming along with me for my maternity check-up and see the ultrasound scan of my baby. hehe… 😛 But the challenge is…. early morning on Sat! Let me know la! 😉

    1. Lora – Hey, I managed to recover your first comment from the spam queue! And look how similar the two comments are that took you 10 minutes to type! Amazing.

      To your question on whether or not we can book the same desk at work. In theory yes. But you have to beat the entire floor just in case someone book your desk earlier than you (we can only book one week in advance). There are people who wake up at 2.30am in the morning to book the desk (that is midnight in Indian time and guess where the system is located … hahaha). I wouldn’t bother on such thing. So I end up sitting at different desks most of the time.

  2. (Seems that just now what I typed has disappeared after click submit…. let me try again….)

    Hot desking system:
    Oh… That’s silly, isn’t it? I think I can’t stand this kind of desking system. I need to have my own table to put my stationery, cup and pot, photos and cutie things in order to make my half-a-day in office happier. 🙂 Any chance to book the same desk every time?

    Wi-fi Hot Spot:
    Oh no…. that’s unhealthy!!! Even talking on phone, people are worried about too much radiation. I can’t imagine how much radiation is around you while you are ‘enjoying’… BTW, I guess you know that high temperature around your ‘pocket area’ should be unfriendly to men especially…. You know what I mean la………………..

    Day with 10 words:
    Luckily, you are a man! People always say that women need to say a certain number of words to stay happy. How about dinner tomorrow or lunch on Sat? Or…. you want to see the real-time ultrasound scan of my baby? hehe… The only challenge is that you need to wake up very early on Sat! 😛

    1. Lora – I wish to have my desk too. But I was used to hot desking when I was a consultant. Just finding it strange to hot desk doing the office job I am doing. There were curly hairs on my desk this morning! Yuck!

      Erm … OK, I will try to cut down on …. erm … radiation exposure especially near … there … ha ha ha.

      Woah … so early. You know your brother lah. I will be eagerly waiting for another image from you though. Kind of all busy till Cynthia is back.

  3. It sort of remembered me of some days when working from home and there is also hardly anyone to talk to.

    Whats the purpose of the hot desking? Are there groups of people in your office whom work from home/work overseas often?

    1. Si Ying – I think the office administrater is trying to squeeze as many people in the office as possible as we are running out of space. Because in here, we have like 25 days leave (I think), and some people may travel overseas for business trips (most don’t I swear), and people take MC and etc. But of course, leave booking is seasonal and there are times that many people are crowded in the office.

      Silly arrangement I still think … lol.

  4. wow u have to book a desk at work.. this doesnt sound very good for me since my office is also going towards this hotdesking approach next year. The only permanent fixture for me is a mobile cabinet. 🙂


    1. ZQ – Same here! OK, I have a station locker. That is about it.

      Hot desking is really no fun … hahaha. But look at the bright side, you can choose to sit not near to someone at work … lol.

  5. When I first looked at the first photo I thought you got so old you started playing Bingo… 😛

    You know the development and adoption of modern technology is always so far ahead of the study on how technology affects human beings, it should be a science on its own. To the lay man like me, having a mobile phone running as a WiFi hotspot in one pocket, and having a second phone running WiFi client in the other, plus the usual radiation, will most likely fry your balls to nothingness in short order.

    1. Darkspore – Hahaha you are so funny. Just made my day, on top of my Starbucks coffee and the novel I am reading right now.

      Wait. Are you serious on the frying part?

  6. haha… I think that 10 mins involve the time when I was hesitating whether I should to re-write the unusally long comments a-g-a-i-n… 😛

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