Wilfrid Wong – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

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Wilfrid’s passion with music started from young when he was in both the choir and recorder teams.  At the age of 15, he joined the Raimondi school band playing clarinet and saxophone and subsequently joined the Hong Kong Youth Orchestra as a clarinetist.  He taught himself how to play the piano and later, the guitar.

Wilfrid has been writing music since the age of 21 and has a repository of 160 original songs as of today.  The music from the English rock band Pink Floyd remains as one of his major source of inspiration.  He enjoys listening to other genres including the Classical music.  In his humble home studio, he has dedicated much time in the post production work on the recorded materials.

As for other hobbies, Wilfrid is also passionate towards writing and oil painting.  He updates his personal website frequently at

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