Jason Tan – Lead Guitar

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Favourite Pastime: Listening to music; bowling; supporting Liverpool FC; playing football; billiards; drinking beer

Favourite Music Artistes: Another Sunny Day; Anthony Atkinson; Billy Bragg; Bob Dylan (early); Bruce Springsteen; Clash; Darren Hanlon; Galaxie 500; Go-Betweens; Heavenly; Housemartins; Joy Division; Lloyd Cole; Lucksmiths; Mabels; Metallica; Neil Young; New Order; Orange Peels; Pernice Brothers; Ramones; Springfields; Television Personalities; Wilco.

Guitar Heroes: Jimi Hendrix; Neil Young; Stevie Ray Vaughan; Kirk Hammett

Most Memorable Music Moments:

  • Metallica at the Singapore Indoor Stadium
  • At the front row of a Bruce Springsteen concert at Brisbane Entertainment Centre
  • Morrissey at the Livid Festival in Sydney
  • Darren Hanlon playing to less than 10 people at Acid Bar in Singapore
  • Watching Go-Betweens twice before the passing away of Grant Mclennan
  • Lucksmiths at Macquarie University

Favourite Food: Singapore hawker fare like Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodles, Mushroom Minced Pork Noodles, Roast Pork/ Roast Duck rice, Fried Beef Horfun, Prawn Noodle Soup and much much more….yummy!

Favourite Drinks: Brewerkz Golden Ale; Murphy’s Draught Stout; Guinness Draught; James Squire; Toohey’s Extra Dry; Heineken;  Kopi-O.

Current gear set-up: G&L ASAT 3; G&L Skyhawk; Gibson Les Paul Studio; Duesenberg Starplayer Special; Rickenbacker 360; Project Telecaster Thinline; Zoom GFX-5

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