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  • Tears For Fears – Everyone Loves A Happy Ending

    … and I love a happy ending too. Although I was cautioned on what the reunification of Orzabal and Smith would be. First thing first, I was so over the fact that they have split up 15 years ago. I think Roland Orzabal survived and I do admire his effort in doing everything on his […]

  • No Doubt’s Everything In Time

    I have been a huge, huge No Doubt fan. Having been to their wild, wild concert at Paris, I will just buy anything that has Gwen Stefani’s voice in it. I am so totally into Gwen and her band. And so I did, bought the album without even listenning to any tracks. Back in the […]

  • Album Reviews

    Hi Guys, When was the last time when you walked into MPH, found a lot of unheard CDs and wondering what to buy ? When was the last time you deeply regret of buying a trash CD that you probably throw it into the cupboard and never want to listen to it again ? Not […]