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  • Chronicon Guides

    Similar to my good old Marvel Heroes days, I am keeping track of all the useful guides in one place. Feel free to check them out as you progress in the game. Since I have just started making guides for this game, the content is less at present. But it will get built up over […]

  • My Marvel Heroes Videos

    IMPORTANT NOTICE Jan 25, 2017 – Due to patch 2.0 “The Biggest Update Ever”, I have opened up a new chapter and have started updating my video guides on YouTube. CLICK HERE for the latest guides One of my all time passion is video gaming. I have a wonderful dad who back in the early eighties […]

  • The Good Ol’ Civilization

    Back in the very early nineties, when I was studying in UK. During summer holiday when some of the foreign students – myself included – who were too poor to stay in the university campus or buy a return ticket to our faraway home, we have to be creative in how to save money. At […]

  • F1 2012 Video Game – A Brief Review As A Casual Racer And An Avid F1 Fan

    Edit (Oct 4, 2012) – Bahrain race added. Edit (Oct 7, 2012) – Spain race added. Edit (Oct 9, 2012) – Monaco race added. Edit (Oct 11, 2012) – Canada race added. Edit (Oct 13, 2012) – Valencia race added. Edit (Oct 21, 2012) – Silverstone race added. Edit (Oct 23, 2012) – Germany race […]

  • Diablo III Madness – 140 Hours And Counting

    This Diablo III madness has no end.  140 hours have passed and I don’t even feel it.  It is like that one scene in Twilight whereby Bella sits by the window observing the change of seasons in one minute.  There are four levels of difficulty in this video game.  It takes me 140 hours to […]

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