Category: Diary

  • Renewing My Driving License

    Once in a while, people will automatically wake up in the morning, look at the clock, and get shocked.  Just about to leave the bed and realized that today was Saturday.  Feel greatly relieved and went back to sleep again. Well, as for today, I did get up twice.  But the difference is that I did […]

  • Feeling the Blahs

    Not a very exciting day.  Work was, as usual, boring.  Trying to do some green books, but there are always a lot of disturbance in the office.  People would just ask you some stupid questions or ask you to do some stupid things or ask you to join him or her for a cup of […]

  • Of Daylight and Shopping

    Yet another show.  This time was with Annie as well.  Bugis Junction.  The show was “Daylight”.  Although BCM has already set a high expectation, I still found it very good.  It was definitely better than the preview clips. And I have done quite a fair bit of shopping.  JP bought me an expensive tie and I bought […]

  • Of Emma and Four Weddings

    What a feeling !  Year of 1997.  Got up late in the morning and headed for Bishan Golden Village.  Movie, of course.  I guess in Singapore, either eat or see movie and nothing else better to do.  So, I met up with JP for the show “Emma”.  A very British kind of show.  With heavy […]