Author: Wilfrid

  • 14 Days Full-Time Dog Sitter

    Under the same roof, we have Cynthia and me and a dog named Bailey. In Bailey’s eyes, it is without a doubt that I am not the dog owner. So when Cynthia has to return to Indonesia due to a family emergency for 14 days, I knew I was in for an unforgettable adventure. Oh […]

  • I Think I Got It Why Bailey Wants To Wake Up So Early Every Morning

    I must confess that I don’t get Bailey all the time. Like why he puts his paws onto mine when I cuddle him. He seems to really enjoy it when I rub his chest and the back of his ears. He would freeze and put his paws onto me. Bailey wakes up really early. If […]

  • Common Grill by Collin’s – That Weird Moment When Staff And I Locked Eyes

    I have lived in Hong Kong for 17 years, Singapore for 26 years. I can tell you with certainty that Singapore cares less about customer experience. In Hong Kong, I feel that customers are kings and queens. Here in Singapore, I feel that those who are taking my money are doing me a favor. I […]

  • Karma, If Only

    I wish karma exists, if only. Or perhaps, it does. I have recently learned that my mother-in-law in Indonesia has developed some sort of breathing problem. Upon diagnosis, it has been concluded that it was due to her being a passive smoker in the office when back then, people were allowed to smoke in the […]

  • Working From Home, I Wish It Could Stay That Way

    Prior to the pandemic, I must confess that I was a traditional manager. I wanted to see my team in the workplace within the same area. There were perks in this working style. First, I got to build rapport with the team. More importantly so, I got to see if anyone in my team was […]