Phone Reset and Conclusion

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I hope you don’t need to ever reset your Nokia N97. For my case, because I install a lot of applications for review, messing around with the backups and different settings, one time, I couldn’t get myself out of a situation. Hence, I have tried both the two modes of reset.

Normal Reset

To execute a normal reset, punch in *#7780#. The phone will ask you for a security code and it should be 12345 by default.

What it does is to restore the INI file from the memory (in the event of a file corruption) but it preserves your user data. That includes photos and third party applications installed on the Phone Memory. But not the contacts and etc. See “Deep Reset” section on backup of contacts and etc.

I would recommend you try a normal rest first to see if your problem is resolved. If not, well, time for a deep reset.

Deep Reset

Deep Rest (*#7370#) wipes out everything that you have – all applications and files inside the Phone Memory. Use it as a last resort. You could backup your phone via the Content Copier provided by the PC Suite. My personal preference is to do a clean reset, including the formating of the Mass Memory. Hence, my recommendation would be:

  • Perform a sync with This will back up all your contacts, notes, and calendar items.
  • Manually back up your data such as photos and music if need to.
  • Format the Mass Memory.
  • Perform a deep reset.
  • Perform a firmware upgrade via PC Suite.
  • And there you go, a brand new phone once again.
  • Now, you can perform a sync with by first removing the device from OVI and add the N97 back into your OVI account. That way, your “new” phone will receive the profile from OVI via SMS. After which, you can perform the actual sync.

One point to note. Not all the applications purchased over the OVI Store can be restored after a deep reset. JoikuSpot (the hotspot application) for instance registers your phone details and hence, you can install that application for as many times as you like. Your license only works for your phone. I personally would recommend you to check out this feature before your purchase from OVI Store. Sometimes you have no choice, but at least it is an informed decision.

Conclusion Thus Far

Ain't N97 a Beauty?

I hope this article is useful to you. Check out the Experiencing N97 page when you have time.

I enjoy using the phone a lot, mainly due to its large touch screen with an extended keyboard. I like multitasking and being able to toggle through applications suit my style. I look forward to the subsequent firmware and software updates. As we speak, I have just installed the new N-Gage application that now made available for N97 users. Time for some intense gaming!

My next article will be on the up and coming new Nokia Applications. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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