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I have the white one and I don’t use a phone protector like some users. Simply because it looks the best as it is. I use a microfilm cloth to clean the phone every night or so. It seems to work. The white is not turning into shades of gray, which is good.

Because I use my fingernails for the touch screen interaction, the screen doesn’t look greasy. The QWERTY keyboard helps too because I don’t need to keep touching the screen to type. Interestingly, for those who are used to the Apple or Blackberry phones, they tend to use their fingertips to interact with the phone. It still works. Just not as responsive as using fingernails, I find. And some of my friends have relatively big and round fingertips. They seem to struggle a little bit. The good news is, N97 comes with a stylus. And you can use it like a PDA too.

The verdict of the touch screen is: very responsive and fun. The QWERTY keyboard removes the need to take up valuable screen space for text input (although you can still choose to for your N97). I am so used to the touch screen these days that I am starting to touch the screen of my laptop as I work.

Many people ask me about the phone battery life. For low weekend type of usage, the phone can last for 2 days. What is low usage? I have 3 widgets that constantly stream latest news and information to my phone from the Internet. My phone pulls the emails from the Hotmail server every 5 minutes. I often leave my MSN running in my phone. On top of that, I do minimal web browsing using the phone (over the weekend). That is my low usage mode. About 2 days provided that I switch it off before I go to bed.

For high usage – on top of the above – I do frequent web browsing, email, and listen to music throughout the day. As such, my phone usually barely last for 12 hours, which I think it is still acceptable.

And for super high usage, I run my N97 as a Wi-Fi hotspot. That sucks up a lot of battery life. At most, it would last for 2 hours. But then again, why would you run your N97 as a hotspot for long without a power supply?

On power supply, there are altogether three options, via the same USB port on the phone. I prefer the default N97 charger. Simply because it works all the time. I could also charge the phone via a USB connection to my computer. I am not sure why I can’t get a consistent charging via that. Perhaps because my corporate laptop does not allow the installation of the N97 driver and hence the laptop may not recognize the phone. The third option is to use a converter to let your phone charged using any of the old Nokia chargers you have (I have plenty, including a car charger). It works, though the converter can run quite hot. If my knowledge of physics is still with me, some energy must be wasted through the process. Although the old chargers are not as powerful as the one comes with the N97, they are much smaller.

One point to note – maybe pretty useless to you – is that N97 appears to be quite a sturdy phone. Please don’t try this at home but I did drop it by mistake once, onto the solid floor. Not a single scratch. Must have been a miracle.

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