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Stop Saying “On Priority” At Work

Yes, it is annoying.

Have you ever received an email, with a request. And the sender copied Tom, Dick, Henry, and their relatives, and said, “do this on priority.”

That always triggers me. Why?

When someone tells me to do something on priority, it means two things.

Either he or she knows my entire backlog of work, understand what I am going through, and still think that his or her request is above all. Fair enough …

Or, he or she is selfish, only think of himself or herself.

Because the signal that is sent through is, “I don’t care what you do nine-to-five. Mine is the most important.”

That is immature and arrogance. Who do you think you are?!

Instead, what he or she should have done is to tell me why the request is important, what’s the implication if we can’t meet the timeline, and most importantly, let me decide if the request is on a priority.

Surprisingly, common sense it seems, some people at work are lacking of maturity.

Do me a favour. Share this. It is for better mental health of those who works nine-to-five.

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