A Werewolf Boy – A 2012 Korean Movie

I don’t usually fancy random notifications that stream into my mobile phone. When VIU notified me that A Werewolf Boy is now available for streaming, my natural instinct kicked in, and just when I was about to ignore the notification, the words “Park Bo-young” caught my eyes.

A 2012 Korean movie featuring Park Bo-young.

She is an award-winning actress in Korea – though you must know by now that in South Korea, there are lots and lots of competitions from music to movies to TV-series to what-have-you.

I am a huge fan of Park Bo-young and have been watching her TV series whenever available. Here in Singapore though, K-dramas or K-movies especially the older ones can be limited.

Hence, I have got to give it to VIU and their well-crafted notification (as words are limited). Last night I have attempted to watch A Werewolf Boy but I fell asleep shortly after it had started. This afternoon, I was more alert and have watched the entire 2-hour movie in one go.

While it is an eight years old movie, I still enjoyed watching it. I am familiar with how werewolf themed stories work in the Western world. And it is refreshing to see it from the Korean’s perspective.

OK. Spoilers from this point onwards.

Song Joong-ki played the werewolf boy. His acting was superb. He really acted like … an animal not being able to speak or write and behaved like an untamed wolf. And the trigger for him to transform from his human form is when his loved one was endangered.

Neat eh?

Somehow, in this Korean version, the werewolf was created through a secret government project in an attempt to create super soldiers. I don’t really get why there is only one of them.

Not surprisingly, Park Bo-young was the one who could tame the werewolf.

At the end, when Park Bo-young asked the werewolf boy to wait for her return, the boy waited for decades.

Oh my.

He really loved her.

And yes, Park Bo-young’s acting is amazing, as ever.

4 thoughts on “A Werewolf Boy – A 2012 Korean Movie”

  1. I recently watched Park Bo-Young on Strong Girl Do Bong-Soon, I admit she’s really adorable and great acting skills. Totally warm up to her after watching the series. I heard Werewolf Boy is good. Happy New Year to you Wilfrid! Hoping for a better 2021.

      1. Staying safe and well. Needless to say the situation is not good in the U.K. I haven’t been reading, binge watching Netflix and K dramas more like it! Hope you stay safe too. Things are at least looking up on your end!

        1. Here in Singapore, the situation is manageable. Local transmission is very low (single-digit) or zero on a given day. Cases are mostly imported from other countries. Just that with the travel restriction, our economy is hit very badly because we generate income from tourists and expats more than local (e.g. no local air travel). Stay safe!

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