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The Flagship Nokia N97 – A Giant Leap From Its Predecessor

N97 on day 1

Before you go on and read more on my hands-on experience with my new Nokia N97, there are a few things about me that you may wish to know first.  Like what Haruki Murakami said, I like something doesn’t mean that everyone must get that something.  Having said that, I do feel responsible in what I write because I know there are friends out there who make certain decisions based on my words.  I am also a keen user of Nokia for a decade but because Cynthia loves varieties in life, I have also got to experience what other brands are like.

Below is an article on a more detail review based on my 1 week hands-on experience with the N97.  You will expect to read candid comments on the commonly used functionalities.  Maybe you will also find some tips that will enhance your experience with your N97.

For those who are interested in a summarized recommendation, here is the verdict based on my first week observation with N97.

Nokia’s flagship product N97 is more than a performance upgrade from its predecessor.  I find the new tilting touchscreen precise, responsive, and positions well to my eye level.  The full QWERTY keyboard is user friendly and fun to use.  I rely on my N97 to connect to my friends via instant messaging (MSN), mobile Facebook, web mails, besides the traditional phone functions – all at the same time.  The entire package – including the maps, music, camera, and additional applications from the OVI store – well positions the N97 as a mobile computing device in my opinion.

At the time of this write-up (firmware version 11.0.021), there are noticeable number of improvements to the existing suit of applications.  Although there are also some minor glitches and missing applications, I hope these issues would be ironed out as Nokia rolls out the patches.

An overall high quality product that deserves the Nokia’s flagship title.  I am certainly very happy with mine.  For detail review, please click here.

PS. Stay tuned for more updates.

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