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Second Day Is All About Gaudí

Sagrada Familia in Year 2009

It is hard to imagine someone who has passed away more than 80 years ago have left behind such a legacy that – to me – so ahead of his or even our time.  Gaudí stands as one of the most original architects and his signature design of curvature inspired by nature’s creation can be seen in and around Barcelona.  And on day two, Cynthia and I have spent much time at the Church Sagrada Família that is still under construction as well as the apartment Casa Milá “La Pedrera” (World Heritage Site) – both by Gaudí.  Below are the options you may wish to read more about our day 2 journey.

  • A photo collection for day 2 of our trip to Spain (78 photos with captions)
  • A journal written in details on what we did and more (approx 1,500 words)
  • A highlight of the photos below (12 photos – and for Facebook readers, please view the original post)

This batch of photos and write-ups took me longer than anticipated.  Probably because of the contents as well as the number of photos taken on that day.  For next entry, I will try to stick to my Sunday publication date.  Sorry for the delay!

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15 replies on “Second Day Is All About Gaudí”

I’m already looking forward to your next post on Sunday! Love Gaudi too. Thanks for those lovely pictures, they bring back floods of memories of my trip in Barcelona 🙂

The photos remind me of how weird (but fascinating) the works of Gaudi are ! I wonder how he was in real life; maybe he wore lopsided hat or had a wavy moustache.. Love love love his work.

Wil- Casa Milá “La Pedrera” is indeed a special place. i saw it before on one of the europe tour dvd segement on spain.

It amazing how the creator can make some thing like that during the early 1900 century… it a building that it ahead of it time, right? i bet you will suprise by both the outside and inside structure and design.

look forward to more of your sharing!!

Ng – Yes. Gaudí’s design is very unique, so ahead of time. And his work on the Church Sagrada Família, I think, is the most defining moment of his career.

OK. Stay tuned! Till this coming Sunday …

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