Spice Girls – LIVE!

“Show-Room” Concert
Place – Virgin Mega Store, Champs Elysees.
Time – 10th Dec. 20:00

As you all know that I have too much free time to waste and my particular sensitivity towards music, I come to know that Spice Girls will be in Paris during this week.

If you have seen the MTV on their number one hits “Wannabe” and “Say you’ll be there”, you must realise that they are quite a team. 5 “fully-active” ladies will different styles.

To add more “fun” in this Email, guess where they actually emerged into the stage.

The Virgin Mega Store is 3-stories high. Knowing that for this kind of big event, you need to get there really early (Still remember the day when we actually spent 10hrs standing before the Bon Jovi Concert began, just to get to the first 10 rows) After work, I quickly packed everything up and rushed to Champs Elysees. Arrived at 7:00pm, got a standing place at the Stairs. Waited for one hour and the Spice Girls were late for 40 minutes.

There were at least 1,000 people in Virgin Store (fully packed). Believe me, I have got more than one hour to do the head count. Behind me was a group of lunatic young girls, shouting “Girl Power” all the time. Screaming all they could out of their ***king brains.

And they came down from the see-through Elevator. Everybody was in ecstasy ! Believe me, there are great women. I could actually see their faces clearly ! First song was of course, “Wannabe”. Then we had 5 more songs and the last song was indeed, “Wannabe” again. They were great Stage Performers. The French Girls behind actually knew every line of the songs. Unbelievable !

Come to think of this, we have the super-popular Take-That (history already), East-17 and nowadays, we have 3T and so on. (Oasis is not exactly Pop, is it ? Trash Pop I think) They are all guys team. The last lady team (more than 4 ladies) I can think of is The Bangles which is an US team. (I think Spice Girls are from UK, check it out for me). Time for the lady’s turn.

A total of 30 minutes of ultra entertainment with one hour and forty minutes of waiting. Definitely worth it. If you do have some spare cash (e.g. SD$20 or HKD$100), go and get yourself that album. They are great singers as well. If you never heard of Spice Girls, where were YOU in the last 3 months ?

Wilf @ Paris.


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