It has been quite a long time since I have become so moody during work.  There is so much uncertainty between me and CC.  Sometimes I cannot feel that loving feeling any more.  But why?  We went to Walmart together and it all seems to sparkle again.  I hope we can still ‘sparkle’ after her boyfriend has left.

God, I love that girl.

Some Traveling Partners Are Not Meant to Be

Last night, we slept very late and hence, today we woke up very late too.  Got up just before midday and decided to tour around Las Vegas.  Throughout the whole day, there has been some kind of fiction between Colin and me.  Right in the morning, I have decided to go the Wal*Mart and get some water.  I do need to drink some decent water.  I think Colin doesn’t really need to drink any water at all.  And I wanted to drive this morning but he refused.  Hence I was very quiet throughout the whole day.  Towards the end of day, I had a headache.  Not a nice day for me.

Went to Luxor (which I wanted so much to go all the while but Colin just …) and it was just as great as it was on TV (Jay Leno Tonight Show).  The Caesar is great too and there is a very nicely decorated indoor high class shopping area and I bought a pair of jeans in Guess.

I don’t think Colin really listens to what I say.  And he always disagrees with me.  That make me think that being agreeable is very important.  And I didn’t have my decent seven hours of sleep and didn’t feel very good at all.  Being understanding is very important as well.  Not surprisingly, I have been thinking about JP the whole day.  I even took her photo out of my wallet and starred at it.  Now, I can truly (close to) feel how she felt and I welcome that.  I hope I shall keep this in mind and shall not step into the same recurrent mistake once again.  And when I am moody (not enough sleep), I just want to be left alone.  That was exactly how JP treated me but obviously didn’t understand and always blamed her for making the day so bad.  Sometimes, little requests may seems not important but it is very important to the one who raises them.

And one thing that really annoys me is that to Colin, the next day begins exactly after midnight.  Tonight, we were talking about what we had last night and after some deep confusion, he told me that we didn’t eat dinner last night.  It was this morning.  To me, the day ends when I go to sleep.

So much differences. Doubt if we’ll ever get along.

Life Not Complete Without Love?

First day of IBSS (Implementing Business Solution School), very disappointed with the course.  Basically, 2 days on test condition (which is very dry) and another 2 days on Visual Basic.  Just 4 ½ days, not enough to get to know anybody in depth.  But that is the way things go, not like Accent on C/S.

In US, they really discriminate against the smokers.  Heard from one guy that US government may ban cigarette in 5 to 10 years’ time.  Possibly Singapore will do it before US.  Maybe it is a good idea, why not?

Left at five thirty, had a quick and crap dinner.  Headed for Walmart at half six.  Bought 4 CDs (and Colin bought only one) and walked into a book store.  Not really time to do any decent shopping.  Colin discovered some study notes for literature.  Hence I bought one for “Romeo and Juliet” and one for “Emma”.  Hope I will understand the literature better that way.

The last bus was full, so one of the guy called for a taxi.  Had one pizza and 2 bottles of beer at the Social Centre.  Really felt very tired and tonight we planned to sleep early.

Got to say one lady from IBSS is quite pretty.  Slim and attractive.  Hmm.

Talked about JP with Colin and before he dozed off, he suggested that we (me and JP) should sit down and talk things over.  But what is it to talk because she is very likely with another guy knowing that she can’t live without love.

And Mohamed was wrong, there is a step up transformer (the one which convert 110V to 220V) but it is too expensive and just not worth it.

Actually it is pretty sad to remain single.  Those lies about being free and single and is able to do whatever one wants.  Easy said than done.  Don’t think I will ever have the courage to come up to a girl and you know … All in all, it is just loneliness.  One’s life will not be completed without someone one loves.  The world is so big, full of emptiness and void.  Then again, it’s life and it may as well turn good later one.  Who knows?