Paris is Charming at Night

Woke up late this afternoon, as expected Grace had left a phone message for me.  Went out to a café shop and as usual, ordered a cup of tea and a piece of cake.  The waitress was so nice to me and she gave me another little piece of cake.  How nice!  Just outside CNIT, a girl sold me one drawing that according to her, it is drawn by someone from the art school.  Actually I was heading for the FNAC and I just remember that I didn’t go there at all.

Grace called me out and I reach her hotel at 7:30.  One of them was watching a show so I waited in Grace’s room.  Her room was a mess.  Real mess.

And four of us dined in an Indian restaurant (nice romantic restaurant) and Grace and I ended up walking to the Louvre.  Paris is so charming at night.

Of Viper Tongue, Big Ankle, and Hot Rabbit

Last night, I was writing a short story.  Time passed and I only had less than 5 hours of sleep (consider I had less than 4 hours of sleep the night before).  Today’s weather went crazy.  We had sun, wind and rain.  That’s spring in Paris.

In French, “Viper Tongue” is gossip and “Big Ankle” means someone is too proud of himself.  In return, I taught them the difference between honey and horny (in which Aurore always pronounced the wrong one).  And she taught me horny (man) in French is “Hot Rabbit”.  Wonder why.

The restaurant that I ended up into was a bit special. T he French waitress was young, shy and very pretty with very heavy makeup (just the one I like).  The waiter stopped by and joked, “She loves you”, “Don’t you find her beautiful?” and “You love her?” those sort of cheap talk.  I just laughed.

Okay, got to stop now.  I have got to download the mail.  It has been 2 days!

A Sunday at the Bookstore

They knocked at my door twice.  Never found out who there were.  Probably someone wanted to make my room.  Reminded me of those good University days when someone tried to wake me up in a lazy weekend afternoon.

A very horrifying dream.  A very pretty girl kissing me while another guy playing with my dick.  Totally terrifying.  Must be “inspired” by one of the chat I had with a bisexual kid.  Yuck!

I planed to go to an English Bookstore (WH Smiths) this afternoon, and I did.  And also I discovered that they do open during Sundays.  I had my late lunch (5 pm) at one of the café.  Actually a very nice atmosphere.  I sat at the center of the café and since today was quite a warm day, they “opened” up the entrance.  Just like those coffee shops in Singapore.  The music was right and it was nice to see people walking past, from a distance.  I had a movie on my mind and maybe one day I should turn that into a fiction.

As expected, I couldn’t stop myself from spending money in a bookstore.  Bought a very nice Valentine’s Card, Q Magazine and a novel.  I thought I would buy some new fiction but in the end, I didn’t Yes, I bought a classic novel – “The Portrait of a Lady”.  Never know that the film was made from a classic.  So I bought it and hopefully, I will read it as well.

And I watched one of the worst film I have ever seen – “The Crow – The City of Angel”.  The only thing good was that I loved the main actress.  That’s it.

Had a unusual diner.  I asked for Irish Dream (cocktail) and the waitress persuaded me to drink something else.  Wanted a Club Sandwich (as I wasn’t really hungry) and the same waitress persuaded me to take some seafood.  She nearly wanted to persuade me to have another 6 oysters but I said no.  There was a Dutch couple sat next to me and the man turned out to be a politician.  When I paid the bill by VISA, the waiter asked me for tips!  What an usual night.

And now I become a TV addict.  10 pm is Jay Leno’s Tonight Show.  11 pm is another one.  And I finally utilized my TV room which reading Q magazine during advertisement.

Of Waitresses at Planet Hollywood and Richard

Okay, last night I was totally drunk, probably because of the good rose wine.  I went to bed at half past nine.  Not a bad consequence at all!  And this morning I was wide awaken.  And found myself to be extremely productive and pleasant.  Maybe I shall continue this bad and good habit (drinking wine and sleep early).

Aurore was back after her one week skiing.  Michel was on leave, probably be back next Monday.  Funny thing was he left quite in a hurry, claiming to be personal reason.  And just minutes after he left, his wife called and asked for him.  Oh well, the guys back in the office thought that he has a mistress somewhere and the mistress may threaten, “If you can’t be with me for a week, I will leave you!”  What a laugh after all.

And I went to Planet Hollywood tonight and indeed I found my Internet friend, Richard (joke : “Looking for Richard”).  Afterwards, he told me that when I walked in, he was wondering whether he should just come up and said hi.  He looked just like a Brit!  Medium hair and the very strong British accent.  And funny thing was he knew that one of the waitress, Henriette (Danish), has served me long before (as her name was on the receipt).  And he introduced Henriette to me.  Wow, what a woman!  Slim and very fair, but a bit cold though.  Nothing compare to the French who served my table, Stephie.  Her smile really lit up my life!  Anyway, I was really enjoy my meal there as the waiters and waitresses had acknowledged my presence.  I really felt good and left FF20 as tips.

Long Legs Waitress at Planet Hollywood, Paris

Still very excited about the whole trip.  Must be the beginning.  In fact, as the hotel is very near to the office, I can actually leave the notebook at the hotel before going off for dinner.  And I can reach the restaurant say 6:30 pm and come back before 8 pm.  This gives me quite a lot of free time.

I love the hotel and I don’t want to go back.  Strange, isn’t it.

Tonight I went to Planet Hollywood and true enough, all the waitresses are as steaming, if not better, as before.  I reckon Planet Hollywood has the best waitresses.  I remember I have one souvenir from Hard Rock Café, so this time I wanted one from Planet Hollywood.  The drink was quite strong and I managed.  Actually promised myself not to give any tips this time, but hell, the long legs waitress was too pretty.