My Obsession with Mylene Farmer Continues

Claude has finally left for Cairo and I took over his desk.  Just too relax nowadays.

My long awaiting Mylene Farmer Live album has finally arrived.  Just tell you how much I obsess with it.  Went to Rue Montmatre wanted to dine at TGIF.  Instead, I walked into a record store, Extrapole, and discovered this beautiful album.  As I always buy CD from FNAC (for tax return purposes), I travel all the way to Chatelet and found that I was five minutes late.  Knowing that the FNAC in La Defense closed at eight, I rushed back to La Defense and walked into FNAC five minutes before it was closed.

Quite an exciting and interesting day for me.

Whirlwind Tour at Chicago

One of our Strategic Manger (let’s call him CH) has rented a car for the whole week (USD 160.00).  So you can guess what we do for the whole day.

Woke up by myself at six thirty mainly because the curtain was not popularly closed.  Shortly after I woke up, in the mist of trying to get back to sleep again, Colin called me up and told me that he has been awaken since four thirty.  So we went for an early breakfast.

(Met up two guys from Shanghai AC during breakfast)

Oh, not to forget to mention that before we went for breakfast, I approached the reception area and asked if it was possible to move into Colin’s room.  I first asked for the supervisor.  And the girl (pretty – Italian?) actually fixed our ‘problem’ for us.  We had some nice chats and I learnt that she just came back from Italy.

The big shopping area (or ‘outlet’) will not be opened until eleven.  Therefore we took a drive to a park (Fox Lake) and had a nice walk there.  Kind of very scenic but it was a bit too brown.  Think it will look a lot better during the summer.  Met a man who was fishing which his son and his step son (from Philippine).  Talk about hookers in LA.  Kind of nice to talk to.

And had a good lunch at T.G.I. Friday’s.

The big shopping area is called Gurnee Mills.  Bought one Zippo XIII lighter with a pretty Petty Girl picture in front.  It is really pretty and come with a trading card.  The next one I bought was a dog statue for Annie.  Hope she likes it as it is pretty big.  Finally, the book – Romeo and Juliet.  With that, I hope to understand the literature better.

Wanted to go to the theme park called Six Flags but it was booked for private party.  At first felt very disappointed but we soon another place of interest.

That is another factory outlet.  Bought three ties and one pair of Timberland shoe.  It was kind of a rush as we walked into the shop ten minutes before closing.  But we got what we wanted.

Next, we head for Chicago for a pizza.  CH was tired in the middle of the drive and I had to take over (as Colin needs to direct us).  The pizza was not that good but at least we have been to Chicago.

Well, what was I thinking of for the whole day?  I kept think that my life will not be completed without a lover (and obviously you know whom I refer to).  I can try to be happy spending all the money and time doing what I like but I have no one to share the happiness with.

And I have already set my target for the coming year 1998. That is:

  • Get promoted to consultant
  • Get my Singapore Citizenship
  • Get a girlfriend

A French Family Outing Invite

The most wonderful weekend in Paris I ever have.  Me and Michel took half a day off and he drove us (plus his sister-in-law) with his convertible.  Man, that was the first time I ever sat into a real convertible.  We opened the top and let the sunlight shone onto us.  That felt good.

Then we had coffee and waited for Ioen (his brother) to come and had lunch with Merala.  Then we set off with Ioen’s car.  It was a bit clamped but hey, I had a great time.

Their dog, Lila, was just wonderful.  I have thoroughly converted to be a dog lover.

Center Park was something like a resort with indoor sport hall and castles.  Trees and nature, that was what I wanted.  The moment we arrived, Michel and I rented two bikes.  One for me and another one for Merala.  We then unpacked and had some aperitif and headed off for some swimming.

There was a swimming pool with artificial wave.  Tanzan shouted on the mike and the wave started.  Kind of funny.  And the best of all was the “waterfall” and it was totally fun.

Dinner was always grilled steak, pork, salad and fries.  Kind of sick at the end but I didn’t mind.  They played a bit of bridge with me besides learning the French.  We all didn’t last very long and went to sleep after midnight.

Next day was intensive (Saturday).  11 am we had squash.  12 pm we had bowling.  Then we did some cycling and had a good lunch (omelet and bread and salad).  After lunch, I couldn’t help but to fall asleep.  Probably because of the wine.  Got up two hours later and headed to the water again.  7 pm we had badminton.  I don’t really like badminton therefore I played the piano instead.  Merala hurt her knees. How sad.

Dinner again and some card games.

As for Sunday, we had bowling in the morning and Merala couldn’t come and Dana stayed with her.  I took some picture before lunch and Ioen was a very nice guy.  He was very patience with my picture taking, not like Michel.  I taught them how to play “Black Maria” after lunch and they all hooked onto it.  After that, we had ping pong and badminton again.

And we left Center Park at midnight.  Arrived at Michel’s place at 2am.  Slept at 2:30am.  Got up at 7:30am the next morning.  Kind of harsh and he dropped me off at the railway station.  After that he took his wife to the hospital.

At the evening, I called up Grace and arranged a time and place to meet.  But the restaurant was closed down.  And they didn’t wait for me.  I then located the Hotel (the receptionist was an English and she directed me through the phone.  Her name is Jill and is from Manchester.  I ordered a drink and had a chat with her.  Apparently, she just arrived at Paris and has no friend.  Damn, I should have grabbed the chance.)

Had an informal meeting with Doug and went to TGI Friday’s with Alvin at 11:30 pm.  What else?  Slept at 2 am.