My Obsession with Mylene Farmer Continues

Claude has finally left for Cairo and I took over his desk.  Just too relax nowadays. My long awaiting Mylene Farmer Live album has finally arrived.  Just tell you how much I obsess with it.  Went to Rue Montmatre wanted to dine at TGIF.  Instead, I walked into a record store, Extrapole, and discovered this… Continue reading My Obsession with Mylene Farmer Continues

Whirlwind Tour at Chicago

One of our Strategic Manger (let’s call him CH) has rented a car for the whole week (USD 160.00).  So you can guess what we do for the whole day. Woke up by myself at six thirty mainly because the curtain was not popularly closed.  Shortly after I woke up, in the mist of trying… Continue reading Whirlwind Tour at Chicago

A French Family Outing Invite

The most wonderful weekend in Paris I ever have.  Me and Michel took half a day off and he drove us (plus his sister-in-law) with his convertible.  Man, that was the first time I ever sat into a real convertible.  We opened the top and let the sunlight shone onto us.  That felt good. Then… Continue reading A French Family Outing Invite