Summer Blog Episode 1 – New Series

I love summer holidays.  There is a certain charm to this mysterious reference: summer holiday.  It does not reveal where the destination is, or how long is the vocation.  A generic reference that says everything and nothing.  It often prompts the listeners to momentarily drift towards the memory of one of their previous summer holidays.  Hence, opens up conversation in the opposite direction, rather than me talking about my holiday.

This summer holiday, I wish to do something different to my website.  I have got Bob the Bot™ to churn out contents while I am away.  My personal ghost writer.

Every week, I have received hundreds of comments originated by the spam bots.  I must say, some are quite entertaining to read.  Some are outright encouraging.  Some are bizarre jokes that even if I am to put a perverted hat on, I still cannot figure out what the joke is about, except it sounds funny.  At times when my site is dead quiet, I do not mind fishing amongst a pool of spam comments to see if there is a legitimate one hiding inside while getting amused by hundreds and thousands of illegitimate ones, in a twisted sense.

Bots are going to rule our Internet one day.  The density of the web is going to intensified by the bots that do not need to eat or sleep, busy copying contents, meshing up contents, and generating random words of a multitude of languages.  As for my personal Bob the Bot™, I doubt if it is going to be that proliferate.  I am as excited as you to find out what the bot can do.  Stay tuned.