I Hate Goodbye

Farewell party.  I have invited 25 people and it was pretty crowded.  Sophie and they all have bought me some presents.  A pair of “waist cuff”, one brace and Mylene Farmer LD.  And of course, one card full of writings from the 7th floor.  I shall miss them all.  Very much so.  I hate “Goodbye”.

And then, we went to a Brazilian Restaurant and had a great time.

My emotion is so intense and I really don’t know what to write anymore.

I will miss Paris.

A Good Time at Sans Sanz

Seeing the BNP becomes a pain, don’t really know why but I found myself so difficult to fix it.  Everybody is so engrossed with their work and there was hardly any conversation.  For me, it is so hard to keep myself quite.  When I returned to SocGen, I felt like I returned to the paradise.

Michel will not be going to Cairo because he is a political refugee.  Aurore and Claude joked that I will have to go instead and I joked that I shall be having a holiday there instead.

At nine, I met up with Claude, Joe, Lionel, his girlfriend Mary and of course Claude’s sister who is from the south of France and currently having a holiday in Paris.  We went to a restaurant pub (called Sans Sanz).  Very trendy place and very cheap beer as well.  Our waitress is so cool.  I just love that type, slim and cool.

And Lionel’s girlfriend is so pretty, dressing in a Chinese costume. Slim and French.  They have met each other in SocGen and love at first sight in one of the training.  And they are even going to get married.  So nice of them.

And the dinner was very good. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I shall always remember the good time I have (reward).

Greeting My Boss With Whips, Chains, and Machine Gun

I found it so hard to get up this morning.  Lucky I still managed to call up Doug in his hotel and informed him Sophie’s contact number and the address.  Phew!  Really wanted to take a decent breakfast (after living in a lower life standard for such a long weekend) but I did not have the time.  In fact I was 15 minutes late.

The joke today was the SIR 505 that William and Sophie has been arguing for so long (at least 4 months) and William finally admitted that this is a bug.  So I spent two days in designing this new spot advice and in the end, after telling the Function Team that they need to test it thoroughly, i.e. all cases, they freaked out and placed the SIR to the lowest priority.

Anyway, managed to get Claude and Mohamed to involve this Spot SIR.  Should be fun, I hope.

Doug came in SocGen for a meeting and it was kind of a different mood throughout the whole SocGen Team. T hey all know that my boss was coming in and everybody was a bit tensed up.  They thought Doug would discuss about the invoices.  We joked that Sophie has got the whips and chains ready with Aurore carrying a machine gun.  But no, he talked about cemetery and how was La Defense being named.  Bizarre!  At the end of the meeting,  I showed him the coffee room and while having a coffee, he told me that if his boss knows about the real situation, his boss would definitely cancel the contract.  He is a peaceful guy I suppose and he wants a good relationship.

The Aerosmith album which was due to be out today, not today. Damn!

And I went out and had dinner with the BNP team.  How boring.  Really boring.  Cheap food and what a waste of my precious time.

An Unexpected Dinner Invitation

It was Monday morning and I was so glad that I was back to work.  At least there was someone I could talk to.  Miracle happened and I woke up at 6:30 am.  And I couldn’t go back to sleep.  Therefore I replied a few emails to my friends and sister and went to work at 8:30 am.  Anyway, I had a very important status report to write (to all the SocGen big bosses this time).  And I promised to give Nicholas and Willie a SIR to work with.  Spent the whole afternoon doing the BG transaction advice SIR and probably will spend the next two days doing the BG reversal advice.  It’s so boring, but that’s work.

Unexpectedly, Michel invited me to have a dinner with his wife.  Initially, we were talking about Chinese Food and I told him that I can never find a good Chinese restaurant in Paris.  And he told me that there were quite a few good ones near where he lived.

So I said, okay I would come with you if you don’t mind.  By the time we arrived at the train station near his place, his wife was already waiting in the car.  And they drove me to their place and had aperitif (whisky for me).  And we drove down to a Chinese restaurant.  That waiter didn’t speak Cantonese at all.  What a disappointment.  The food was good and we chatted quite a fair bit.  Michel was a good translator (as his wife, Mirela, doesn’t speak English at all).  We talked a bit about Romania as well (where they are from).  They planned to take me out one weekend.  How nice! (And they played Mylene Farmer in the car, just perfect)

One of the happiest night in Paris.

French Loves to Flirt?

Got an Email from Grace this morning saying that they are planning to visit Euro-Disney.  Wow!  I mean how I have been looking forward to have someone to come with me and it is such a “family” thing.  Been alone for too long.

Listen to this, the people working in Societe Generale has one mentality – that is to flirt (f**k) around.  And according to Mohamed (who believe in only two kinds of woman, one is “goat” or “animal” and the other one is “feeling” and “sentiment”), people just stay together for a while and break up.  What a culture!

Grace is thinking of getting me into BNP.  Well, do I really want it?  I don’t know.  Really don’t know.  Bridgit Fonda was on Tonight Show.  What a girl!  I have never seem someone so naturally feminine in my life (except my girlfriend when I first knew her).