One of the Worst Diarrhea

It was started with Cynthia and I discussing where to go for dinner while we were driving away from the airport.  In the end, I have suggested to eat Indian Prata at Jalan Kayu.  That was one of the worst decisions I have made.  I should have recalled my friend telling me that the government occasionally closes down the shops over there after the report of food poisoning incidents.  Not only the meal was pricey (closed to $18 for two of us), I had to spend an hour in the bathroom the next morning.  I was so tired that I just withered onto my bed.  And due to my problem with my stomach, we have spent most of the weekend at home.  To make it up to Cynthia, I took her out for a new dinning place: Kintaro Sushi.  She loved the place.  Let’s see if my stomach can take it.

Physical: 0.89
Emotional: -0.22
Mental: -0.46

On This Day US Gained Independence

Today is US Independent Day.  Only when we went to Hard Rock Café did we realize it.

Okay, woke up late and didn’t feel very well.  Decided to see a doctor and ended up seeing one of the doctor in the apartment.  Interesting to know that even the doctor refuses to take the ice cube in the restaurant and he even suggested to wash the apple with warm water.

Took one day off and went out for shopping.  Spent most of the day watching MTV.

The best was yet to come.  That was our (Kenneth, CC, and I) first time visit to Hard Rock Café.  Had a delicious meal (the most decent place in Jakarta) and they left the place just when the live band appeared.  For me, I stayed on and danced till two in the morning.

Only when I stepped into the taxi did I feel scared.  I mean just me alone, and single and the driver (to me a small boy under eighteen) kept on telling me that the strip show is very exciting so on.

I am a decent guy right?  Must live up to my decent reputation.