An Unexpected Turn of Events That Led To Sulfur Delivery And Super Scrabble

After the act, our good buddy TK asked: Are you going to take a picture of this and share it on Facebook?  Staring at the yellow powder, my immediate response was: No way!

My Sunday was not meant to be like this.  I was halfway through collating my travel journal and was about to pen down the captions for the shortlisted photos.  Then something happened.  Something so messed up that none of our parents knew exactly what to do.  Something so messed up that I am not going to write about that here.  I shared this domestic crisis with our good buddy TK on a Sunday evening over Google Talk.  Not only did he manage to procure a heap of yellow sulfur, he drove all the way from the east to deliver it to our home.  Gosh! When I heard that he had not had dinner, I said, “Please stay.  Cynthia is going to cook us some of her legendary bee hoon.”

Besides, I have been itching to try out my newly imported Super Scrabble from US.  Super Scrabble is a super-sized Scrabble.  There are 200 letters.  The board is bigger.  The reward is more (up to x4 letter and word score).  And the game was painfully long (click onto the picture above to zoom in).  The three of us started the game while Cynthia multi-tasked between preparing for our late dinner and forming words when her turn came.  We watched “How I Met Your Mother” on TV when we were having our dinner.  We resumed the game after our meal and 2012 was playing on TV.  We were still struggling with the game when Underworld was playing on TV.  By the time we were done, we felt this big relief.  A huge big relief.  Yes we did it, with a combined score of 1,111 after a grueling 82 turns (27 rounds).  Super Scrabble is not for the faint-hearted.  If you are a big fan of Scrabble, you would love Super Scrabble.  Best played in a very comfortable setting (read: not on the floor).

I hope we can put behind our domestic crisis.  At some point, I could picture the three of us staring in “Bones” or “CSI”.  Lesson learned.  Time to move on.

We Played Scrabble In Spanish ~ Jugamos Scrabble En Español

This is like a dream comes true.  After two years and two months of learning Spanish, we are able to play Scrabble, in a Spanish style.  On the last revision lesson before heading to the next module – Higher Intermediate 1 – our teacher Alejandra asked if the four of us wished to try out Scrabble.  And we said sure thing!  Cynthia and I have tried to play Spanish Scrabble using an English set when we were at Fraser’s Hill earlier on this year.  It did not work.  A correct alphabet set is important.  Perhaps we shall import a Spanish set and make it a habit to play Scrabble with our classmates.

In this particular game, we have formed 46 words with a combined score of 408 (lots of room for improvement!).  Needless to say, due to my not-too-fantastic linguistic ability, I got the lowest score – by a mile.  The other three were doing really well!  Nevertheless, I participated in almost all the rounds, with words that I know.  Just that the words that I know are not too … long.  For my readers who are studying Spanish and for my future reference, here is a list of words we used (some words we have repeated).

  1. Al (=a el) – To The
  2. Ama (de casa) – Housewife
  3. Baños – Bathrooms
  4. Caen (~caer) – They Fall
  5. Cerdo – Pork
  6. Cree (~creer) – He or she believes
  7. De – Of
  8. Del (=de el) – Of the
  9. Di (~dar) – I gave
  10. El – The
  11. En – In
  12. Ex – Ex
  13. Fue (~ir) – He or she went
  14. Gas – Gas
  15. Gasa – Bandage
  16. Ha (~haber) – He or she has
  17. Hice (~hacer) – I did
  18. Iba (~ir) – I or he or she had gone
  19. Ir – To go
  20. La – The
  21. Lee (~leer) – He or she reads
  22. Luna – Moon
  23. Mala – Bad
  24. Mi – My
  25. Muchos – A lot
  26. Ocho – Eight
  27. Ojo – Eye
  28. Oye (~oír) – Hey
  29. Ponga (~poner) – To put (subjective for he or she)
  30. Por – For
  31. (Mira de) Reojo – To look obliquely
  32. Rio – River
  33. Sale (~salir) – He or she left
  34. Sepa (~saber) – To know (subjective for I or he or she)
  35. Sepan (~saber) – To know (subjective for they)
  36. Serán (~ser) – They will be
  37. Si – If
  38. Sierra – Mountain range
  39. Sur – South
  40. Ti – You
  41. Tio – Uncle
  42. Van (~ir) – They go
  43. Vez – Time (as in frequency)
  44. Ya – Already