A Good Time at Sans Sanz

Seeing the BNP becomes a pain, don’t really know why but I found myself so difficult to fix it.  Everybody is so engrossed with their work and there was hardly any conversation.  For me, it is so hard to keep myself quite.  When I returned to SocGen, I felt like I returned to the paradise.

Michel will not be going to Cairo because he is a political refugee.  Aurore and Claude joked that I will have to go instead and I joked that I shall be having a holiday there instead.

At nine, I met up with Claude, Joe, Lionel, his girlfriend Mary and of course Claude’s sister who is from the south of France and currently having a holiday in Paris.  We went to a restaurant pub (called Sans Sanz).  Very trendy place and very cheap beer as well.  Our waitress is so cool.  I just love that type, slim and cool.

And Lionel’s girlfriend is so pretty, dressing in a Chinese costume. Slim and French.  They have met each other in SocGen and love at first sight in one of the training.  And they are even going to get married.  So nice of them.

And the dinner was very good. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I shall always remember the good time I have (reward).