Letter to Cynthia: A Very Boring Sunday

Here I am, on a Saturday night, feeling extremely bored and restless and I don’t know what to do.  The house is so different without you around.  Even when you were reading Reader’s Digest, I feel peace and don’t mind falling asleep on the couch or bed.  Now, I run out of things to do.  Really bored.

Hope you enjoy your stay in Mauritius.  For me, I am certain that this must be one of the best weeks this year (so far).  A holiday is always good as we have our undivided attention to our partner.  Hope that will keep the fire going.

After dropping you off the airport, I returned to the office.  My housemate Chun Keat was still at work.  I sent the driver off and waited for an hour for him.  Meanwhile, my friends were at the Banana Café waiting for my arrival.  It was supposed to be some sort of farewell drink for me.  During the drink, Meng Kiong pulled me aside and shared with me the reason my rolling off.  He explained to me that the decision was made purely based on cost (and not my performance etc.)  Somehow, last Friday, Denis really pissed Meng Kiong off and he was thinking of rolling Denis off (this time is due to performance).  He really wishes me to stay but just that it is too expensive to keep me in the project.  To me, if the project really wants me to stay and if Jon Allaway wants me to stay, it shows something positive in my career.  In fact, I am a bit worried returning to Singapore because the partners are trying to hold the fort for a few months (as Chun Keat was talking in the car) and if no project comes along, people will get fired.  Those who sit at the bench will be the first one.  Hence, suddenly there is an element of uncertainty here on my roll off date.

Chun Keat is still ICQ’ing his half half girlfriend.  Although Rabin has called me out for dinner but tonight, I am just not quite up to a big group gathering.  Probably have some decent food somewhere once he is done.

On second thought, this island is so boring and why would I want to stay any longer.