A Melancholic Departure

Today was Thursday.  The second last day of IBSS.  Basically I feel like the last day because it will just be a wrap up tomorrow (plus only half day).  At this very moment, I feel void.  The feeling of missing is immense.  I mean after tomorrow, I will not (probably) be seeing those guys again.  Kind of a very funny feeling.  IBSS is just too short.  One week is just enough to know somebody but not enough to know them in depth.  Seriously I really want to know them a lot better.

Just stepped out the room this morning, we bumped into Autumn.  What an awesome way to start the day.  Can’t really say I like her perfume at all (still Sophie’s one is the best), but she is very pleasant.  Or maybe just her name.

It took the team four hours to realise that their design was no good.  I must learn how to convince people to accept my design.  More clear and more explanations.

But in the end, it was fun.  Although we stayed until 10 pm, I guess ours will be one of the best.  A lot of laughter.  That makes me wonder when was the last time I really laugh happily.  Lots of hard work but I think I have learnt a great deal in the end.

Made my baggage tags today and couldn’t believe that I have to pay $2.00 for each one of them.

“Sun comes up, sun goes down.  Just when we start to get warm, the moon comes up.
People come, people go . Just when we begin to know each other, we have to part.

A different day, a different phase of life.  What can you say, when you don’t have a choice?”