Whirlwind Tour at Chicago

One of our Strategic Manger (let’s call him CH) has rented a car for the whole week (USD 160.00).  So you can guess what we do for the whole day.

Woke up by myself at six thirty mainly because the curtain was not popularly closed.  Shortly after I woke up, in the mist of trying to get back to sleep again, Colin called me up and told me that he has been awaken since four thirty.  So we went for an early breakfast.

(Met up two guys from Shanghai AC during breakfast)

Oh, not to forget to mention that before we went for breakfast, I approached the reception area and asked if it was possible to move into Colin’s room.  I first asked for the supervisor.  And the girl (pretty – Italian?) actually fixed our ‘problem’ for us.  We had some nice chats and I learnt that she just came back from Italy.

The big shopping area (or ‘outlet’) will not be opened until eleven.  Therefore we took a drive to a park (Fox Lake) and had a nice walk there.  Kind of very scenic but it was a bit too brown.  Think it will look a lot better during the summer.  Met a man who was fishing which his son and his step son (from Philippine).  Talk about hookers in LA.  Kind of nice to talk to.

And had a good lunch at T.G.I. Friday’s.

The big shopping area is called Gurnee Mills.  Bought one Zippo XIII lighter with a pretty Petty Girl picture in front.  It is really pretty and come with a trading card.  The next one I bought was a dog statue for Annie.  Hope she likes it as it is pretty big.  Finally, the book – Romeo and Juliet.  With that, I hope to understand the literature better.

Wanted to go to the theme park called Six Flags but it was booked for private party.  At first felt very disappointed but we soon another place of interest.

That is another factory outlet.  Bought three ties and one pair of Timberland shoe.  It was kind of a rush as we walked into the shop ten minutes before closing.  But we got what we wanted.

Next, we head for Chicago for a pizza.  CH was tired in the middle of the drive and I had to take over (as Colin needs to direct us).  The pizza was not that good but at least we have been to Chicago.

Well, what was I thinking of for the whole day?  I kept think that my life will not be completed without a lover (and obviously you know whom I refer to).  I can try to be happy spending all the money and time doing what I like but I have no one to share the happiness with.

And I have already set my target for the coming year 1998. That is:

  • Get promoted to consultant
  • Get my Singapore Citizenship
  • Get a girlfriend

Killing Time

I couldn’t really sleep last night.  Gone to bed at 10:30 pm and woke up at 2:30 am.  And I couldn’t go back to sleep.  Got up, obsessed with my coming broadcast and tried to go back to sleep at six.  Couldn’t.  Hence ordered breakfast.

Eventually, woke up at noon.  Nice sunshine today.  Desperate to go out and bathed in the sun.  Contemplating whether to call the BNP guys or not but I didn’t.

Sunglasses on, I went done to Châtelet-Les-Halles and decided to watch “Blood and Wine”.  Took the same route as Claude took me to 2 days ago.  Had lunch at one very nice bar.  Actually planned to watch the show at six in the afternoon but I couldn’t wait no more.  Just too much time.  Hence watched it at four instead.

Very good show.  It’s Jack Nicholson.  Went to Virgin store and walked aimlessly at the busy street of Champs-Elysees.  In the end, decided to go back to Châtelet and had my Japanese food.

Been thinking of my future house all the time.  Suddenly I remember one of the reason of coming back to Paris was to be able save some money for my future home (+ decorations and so on).  Shame that things do not always work out the way they suppose to be.

Will I be Ever In Love Again?

I am back again.  After a long silence.  Yes, I have broken up with JP. And I was (still?) feeling very depressed about this.  Oh, love.  Francis phoned me the same day just to check I was okay.  He phoned at 0630 but I did not mind.  At least somebody is care about me.  And I received a few emails concerning about me.

This morning, I found that the bracelet that was given by JP was broken into two.  I take it as a sign.  That is fate.

During this few days, I have watched two movies.  “Jerry Maguire” and “The English Patient”. Both films are good.  I loved “Jerry Maguire”.  That is Tom Cruse and it was so romantic.  That is what I need right now.  Michel invited me for dinner and I meet with that “Doctor” again.  This time we talked about God and soul and life and so on.  Weird?

I don’t think JP and I will ever get together again.  Just another phase of life.  I cannot help feeling depressed but I cannot help but feeling relief as well.  Some days I hoped that she will actually come to Paris and meet me and we will be in love again.  But I know it is just another dream that I am trying to create and will not work.  Sigh.

And I have lost all aim of life.  I am not sure what is my next destination.  I was thinking of going back to university and do a Ph.D.  Why not?  Or I shall ask Toby and get me a job in UK.  I can do just anything now.

Will I be ever in love in the near future?  I just don’t know.  Maybe I shall enjoy a moment of alone.

More Online Chat

Today, I was so tired.  Must be not enough sleep.  Right at the morning, JP told me that she has decided to throw the whole idea of apply for a condo.  I was quite disappointed as I thought we could get married sooner but all this kind of thing is decided by fate.  I respect her decision and I phoned her up later on to make it up.

One of the new hired Michel, he is definitely not dumb.  He constantly challenge me but in the end, we became very humble, and listened to what others want to say.  I guess that is mutual respect that I have to learn.

My pair of shoes was really gone tonight.  Lucky I went into Marks & Spencer and found one similar one.  Still remember that day that the guy told me that this pair would last for 2 years.  What a lie !

Chat line again.  What else.  And now is 3 am in the morning.  This is getting worst.  Self Control !  Using the nickname “GoodBoy” definitely attracted a lot of very young girls.  One called “NIKE GIRL” and actually were Megan (13) and her sister (11).  They actually called Bill Clinton a “dumb ass”.  What a surprise.  And the last one was called “cutie”, studied in London doing investment management school.  Apparent she (21-born in Iraqi) was very depressed and I don’t think I have done anything value added.

Choosing between Mylene Farmer and a Night Out with Friends

I woke up in the morning, on my TV and guess what?  I saw one Mylene Farmer’s music video one after the other.  It is a cable TV, MCM, and today was supposed to be Mylene Farmer Special Day (or something like that).  I watched until I have missed my breakfast and I was late for 15 minutes.

I was supposed to dine with Claude and Mohamed tonight and I was contemplating on whether I should stay at the hotel and watched the Mylene Farmer concert at 7:30 pm.  In the end, I chose to go out with them as very seldom I can dine with someone.

It was Arabic food.  A very small but popular restaurant.  Claude was treating and Mohamed insisted on giving him back FF100.  As for me, I “treated” them the desert at Haagen-Dazs. 

And I have spent most of night surfing the net.  It is very addictive.  And it wasn’t anything erotic at all.  It was Mylene Farmer’s Web Pages.

Thinking of getting a flat in year 2000 really excited me as I really sick of renting already.  I want a home of myself, in the very near future.  So far, I still believe in dream hard, hope hard and it may come true.