If Only Life Works out Differently

Last night I slept very late having online chat with a lot of great guys.  Somehow we went into the topic of writing literature, and this UK guy “Dead Calm” and I was talking about Swan Lake (one lady elegant, educated with American culture called Swan).  And we wrote a lot of stuffs online.  Finally I posted one of my message “Death Marriage” out and some guys even chatted with me privately and asked me who is author and so on.  I was so thrill and was really in joy.

Towards the end, I was chatting was an American woman and she suggested to have phone sex today.  And I didn’t call.

Therefore, I woke up feeling pretty bad.  Logged onto Notes and found that the office rejected my holiday plan (of paying).  Even I was worried that I do not possess a valid visa to USA.  What a bad day!

One more thing, a very bizarre dream.  I dreamt of visiting my ex.  I knocked onto the door and found two women inside her room.  It was kind of an authentic place.  Small room with wooden furniture.  A small bed with bed light.  A table and a very decent window.  It must be evening.  I asked for my ex.  One of the women asked another one to leave the room and vaguely she (the one who remained in the room) told me that my ex had left and would not want to see me.

Then she told me I can sleep on the right side of the bed while she would talk the left side.  And suddenly a drop dead beautiful (white) lady who dressed like an angel came into the room.  Talked to me but I hardly remember what she said!  All I could remember was she was very pleasant.

And she left the room.  My ex walked in.  She looked so thin!  And she sat down by the bed.  I sat next to her and began to chat.  And she looked darker as well.  I touched her fingers and all a sudden, I found that she was actually me!

And I woke up.

I asked Mohamed and he has no answer for me.

Today I told Mohamed in a very convincing voice: I want to go home.  Really, I am tired of being in Paris.  I miss JP a lot.  Tonight after a dinner at my favorite restaurant, I thought of buying my friends presents (budget FF1,000) and I want to buy JP one too.  Oh, I miss her.  If only life works out differently.

Nothing Medoc Cannot Fixes

Must be the lack of nicotine nowadays, I became very “bitchy”.  Seen to me everyone began to get scared of me.  I don’t know.  The stress began to build up and when I look at the list of outstanding SIR, I really wonder what am I doing and would I be better off doing something else.  The politics involved in a bank is just, intolerable.

The only thing that made me happy tonight was a very good meal.  French one.  Had the wine “Medoc”, and that is the one I have trying to look for, for so long ! Shell fish soup and rabbit for main course.  Usually I don’t like chocolate moss but I loved the one from this restaurant.  Even the tea was great (Earl Gray).

Last night I was chatting with this lady called “Hope”.  She was kind of popular as all the guys paged for her. But she said I was different as I didn’t talk about sex at all.  Well, I am a very decent boy, am I not ? 

More Online Chat

Today, I was so tired.  Must be not enough sleep.  Right at the morning, JP told me that she has decided to throw the whole idea of apply for a condo.  I was quite disappointed as I thought we could get married sooner but all this kind of thing is decided by fate.  I respect her decision and I phoned her up later on to make it up.

One of the new hired Michel, he is definitely not dumb.  He constantly challenge me but in the end, we became very humble, and listened to what others want to say.  I guess that is mutual respect that I have to learn.

My pair of shoes was really gone tonight.  Lucky I went into Marks & Spencer and found one similar one.  Still remember that day that the guy told me that this pair would last for 2 years.  What a lie !

Chat line again.  What else.  And now is 3 am in the morning.  This is getting worst.  Self Control !  Using the nickname “GoodBoy” definitely attracted a lot of very young girls.  One called “NIKE GIRL” and actually were Megan (13) and her sister (11).  They actually called Bill Clinton a “dumb ass”.  What a surprise.  And the last one was called “cutie”, studied in London doing investment management school.  Apparent she (21-born in Iraqi) was very depressed and I don’t think I have done anything value added.

A Weekend Full Of Online Chat

What a weekend !  A weekend without daylight.  The chat line is very additive.  I just hooked onto it for hours.  So ended up going to sleep at 7 in the morning and woke up not seeing the daylight.

First night I logged in as “New Wilf 97”, toured around and nothing really fantastic.  Second night I logged in as “Etoile 97” and that caught most attention from the French (as Etoile means star in French).  I intended to hide my sex and see what happened.  Guess what, most of them thought I am a lady !  Glad to talk to the French about Mylene Farmer and they told me that she is a bisexual.  Doesn’t bother me really.  And my favorite topic of that night was relationship.  One guy told me that he worked in a pub before and met this waitress in the same pub.  I guess they kissed but according to him, still not sure.  So I gave advice like go shopping with her, buy flower and so on.  In the end, he was certain that I was a “she” and I didn’t tell him in the end. (Note : few weeks later as I chatted with him again, he managed to get more attention from her.  Thanks to me!)

And I was chatting with someone called “Paris”.  In fact on that night, I dined in Planet Hollywood and coincidentally he was one of the waiter.  He is from UK and we chatted quiet a fair bit.  Talking about long legs waitress in Planet Hollywood and so on.

And the most fun was last night in which in nicknamed as “GoodBoy”.  In the room of “Mr/Ms Right”, I chatted with an American girl named “Lilly”, a British called “Tugger” and a New Zealand guy called “Alan”.  It was so much fun and I missed them all.  I called Tugger Fish & Chips and called Alan, Kiwi.  Our topic ranged from movies to music to cycling to books to relationship.  Tugger told me that he is divorcing and I asked how come.  He told me that he and his ex-wife were very good friend and they marred for the wrong reason.  I asked, “Child ?” and he said yes.  But he felt a long better now and still go out with he ex as good friends.  Hard to believe, isn’t it ?