French Loves to Flirt?

Got an Email from Grace this morning saying that they are planning to visit Euro-Disney.  Wow!  I mean how I have been looking forward to have someone to come with me and it is such a “family” thing.  Been alone for too long.

Listen to this, the people working in Societe Generale has one mentality – that is to flirt (f**k) around.  And according to Mohamed (who believe in only two kinds of woman, one is “goat” or “animal” and the other one is “feeling” and “sentiment”), people just stay together for a while and break up.  What a culture!

Grace is thinking of getting me into BNP.  Well, do I really want it?  I don’t know.  Really don’t know.  Bridgit Fonda was on Tonight Show.  What a girl!  I have never seem someone so naturally feminine in my life (except my girlfriend when I first knew her).

Useful to Have a Wife and a Mistress

OK, so today was Sunday.  I have only discovered a bottle of Champagne in my the other room this morning and of course, I saved the bottle and the glass for later occasion.

A very gloomy day.  As always, the day passed by fairly fast.  The more I stayed in my new office, the most I missed the old one.  One day I may just tell Aurore that I want to move back to the big old one, with Mohamed, my buddy.

Today we had a meeting.  Indeed a very interest one.  I suppose I have done this against my profession. They were discussing the European Dollar.  During 1999 to 2004, customers can choose to have their transaction in ECC or FF.  Beyond 2004, FF will be replaced by ECC.  I think my company would like to charge them for my advice.  But I just want to learn more.

Today I went off with Mohamed, his friend Philip and Nicolas.  When four men together, what else will it be ? They were very interested in talking about women.  I guess everywhere is always the same.  Mohamed told me that it is very “useful” in France to have two women.  One is wife and the other is mistress.  I was kind of confused as I have never thought this is ever useful.  Maybe pleasurable.  In the end, he meant to say “usual”.

And before we boarded the train, Mohamed told me that VISION is his dream.  Then I replied, “I thought women is your dream.”  He then said, “No, it is VISION.”  And I said, “No, you should dream about women instead”.  In the end, Philip clarified that what Mohamed meant was “nightmare”.