More Factory Outlets and Gambling

Second day of my holiday.  Planned to visit the Grand Canyon today but Colin changed the plan.  It is true that there isn’t any point of going there if we do not set off early in the morning.  So we had a very basic breakfast at the inn and set off to one of the factory outlet.  (Again?)

Driving in the middle of the desert was fun.  I mean I always see it in the movie and today, I was actually doing it.  Straight road (have to watch out for traffic lights) with valleys of sand all round me.  Rocky hills from a distance, bright sunlight. Just me and my car and my radio on.  It was just like a dream.

Bought a few T-shirts and really wanted to buy a pair of trousers.  Sadly, I am not fat enough to fit into any of the US size.  Swear I have to get fatter.  As for Colin, he has got some clothing as well.  Basically, we both like to shop.

Returned to MGM Grand (Casino) for buffer lunch.  The food was good.  Really good.  One of the best I have for my whole US trip so far.  I virtually clean the plate up.

After lunch, we went for another factory outlet (that’s right, again).  Spent a great deal of time there and visited the biggest shopping mall in Nevada.  Pity that we have arrived too late and we ended up in yet another book store.  Very depressed that I couldn’t get any book at all.  I think I needed more time.

Had dinner at Monte Carlo.  We paid the tips up front (paid before eating) and indeed, we were treated differently.  And the cashier actually underline the tip on the ticket.  The food was not that fantastic.  Maybe I was still too full with the heavy lunch.  One thing good about Las Vegas is that the food is very cheap. I mean for ten bucks I can have a good buffer here.  We both agree that it would have been a good place for honeymoon.

Colin spent quite a lot in gambling.  In the end, he has donated eighty bucks to the society of Las Vegas.  As for me, it is always interesting to watch the players and the play.

The whole day, I have been thinking about Uncle Pang.  Not sure if he has been to Las Vegas or not, but it will be a paradise for him.  So, I am going to send him a postcard and advise him to come over one day.  And inevitably, I have been thinking about JP.  What to do?

And right now, Colin is enjoying one of the … ahem … movie. As for me, I have seen it all.