Nothing Medoc Cannot Fixes

Must be the lack of nicotine nowadays, I became very “bitchy”.  Seen to me everyone began to get scared of me.  I don’t know.  The stress began to build up and when I look at the list of outstanding SIR, I really wonder what am I doing and would I be better off doing something else.  The politics involved in a bank is just, intolerable.

The only thing that made me happy tonight was a very good meal.  French one.  Had the wine “Medoc”, and that is the one I have trying to look for, for so long ! Shell fish soup and rabbit for main course.  Usually I don’t like chocolate moss but I loved the one from this restaurant.  Even the tea was great (Earl Gray).

Last night I was chatting with this lady called “Hope”.  She was kind of popular as all the guys paged for her. But she said I was different as I didn’t talk about sex at all.  Well, I am a very decent boy, am I not ?