On This Day Hong Kong Returned to China

Today, I am officially a communist.  Hong Kong returned to China finally.  Catherine, Balquais, Kenneth, Robert, and I was watching the CNN Live at my apartment.  Kenneth’s wife called,  Robert called his wife, Catherine’s boyfriend called and for me?  No phone call.  What a sad life.

We did celebrate this handover thing at one of the beautiful Chinese restaurant.  Only $70 Singapore dollar per person.  Chicken feet for the project.  Robert even asked for a receipt with the tips added inside!  I was so embarrassed.

Talking about embarrassment, Catherine and I had a big agreement over the fact that I love Singapore during lunch at McDonald’s.  In the end, she pointed out that I make Hong Kong people shameful and I ‘take advantage’ of Singapore and so on.  I was so angry that I refused to talk to her for the whole night.

Playing guitar is fun.  Really fun and as for body building, it is going well.  I fell I have tightened a few muscles here and there.  Occasionally thinking of you-know-who and the sadness seems to have ‘matured’.

Take in One to Forget One

Another day of Minesweeper.  What to do?  We weren’t sure if we are going to continue the Jakarta project but today, it seems to work out slowly.  One thing about AC is that you will never know what happen next.

Had a quick lunch in McDonald’s and I guess CC was very happy about as she has been proposing going McDonald’s in the past one week.

We had a drink with one of the VP from BUN.  I drank quite a lot (free).  Three beers and a Martini double. And I am still fine.  We joke that CC has become my wife and so on.  I think I better stop myself thinking about her.  Who is JP by the way?  I have totally forgotten the whole business.  I guess Grace is right in saying that there are a lot of ‘fish’ out there.