A Normal Life

Last night, I spent much time in reading books and writing diary, I woke up late this morning.  That was a late 10:30 and determined to clean up the room to its acceptable state.  Drove down to Mount Kiara and picked Cynthia, her cousin Lia and her mum up for lunch.  It was Dim Sum in KL.  I wondered if they liked the kind of Chinese food I recommend but I guess, it was much like the first time I went over to Singapore and tried the local Chinese food there.

I must admit that they are very keen in shopping.  After lunch, they started shopping from Lot 10 to BB Plaza.  The only thing I remember of was that I spent most time in a Lingerie store.

Dinner at “Under-the-Bridge” and a final shopping (for today) at Jalan Petaling.  

I Clocked 320km This Weekend

One in the afternoon left the apartment.  Driving down to KL and lost way here and there.  But not too bad, after finding the right track, all the way right into the BB Plaza.  Pretty proud of myself.  Walking around the shopping centre and got bored.  Had a cup of coffee and started driving around KL aimlessly.  Though it is a good practice in order to get to know this big city.  Bought a compass and it kind of helps a little bit.

Throughout this weekend, I clocked 320 km. Not too bad.

My Good Old Friend

Finally, I can wake up in some undefined time.  Did my laundry by hand and left the house by 1 pm.  The amazing thing is, after losing ways and got to the wrong place here and there, it took me 4 hours to get to see my Kah Lok friend.  Amazing, huh?

Begin to feel like the good old days in UK.  Except that no one is beside me while I drive.

Watch the show, “Good Will Hunting”, alone.

I Drive, I am Lost

After 5, most of the Singapore colleagues of mine fly back to Singapore leaving me and Alvin.  Of course, I would not wish to disturb Alvin as he has his girlfriend to take care of.  While for me?  Well, Lily at first thought of going to shopping with me after 5.  But I guess we all have been seeing each other very often and kind of need a break.  I really do not mind that much as I am kind of used to the idea of being alone all the time.  She is right.  Imagine very often I will just being quiet with no words to say at all.  Most of the time, Jason they all will just fill in the blanks.

So I ventured.  At first I need to fill up my tank.  Took some unconventional turns here and there and there you go, I am lost.  I wanted to visit the Subang Parade as recommended by Jason.  Following the road to the airport, I somehow managed to reach Subang Parade.  Not too fantastic.  And coming back to PJ was a pain.  I really have no idea why I ended up paying twice at the toll station and I am pretty sure that I have somehow went into KL (the V building) and very luckily, got the correct exit and home run.

Tomorrow, will see Kah Lok.  Wonder how that guy looks like.

We Move, Because of Our Loved Ones

I really miss those good old days in BUN.  People in this project do not understand me at all.  I am wondering why some people can earn respect just like that.  As for me, my moment has yet to come.  Wonder what will happen when my whole army of subordinate arrives.

Argument and argument.  Don’t really think that Kenny and I can mix well with each other.  Fighting for power, I suppose.

Tonight, our group has become Lily, Yen Pin, Jason and me.  Wondering if Lily is having her own social circle at all.  Maybe, just maybe, since she is from New Zealand and come to KL because of her loved one.  Something like last thing I have decided to come to Singapore because of my ex-loved one.