Zero SIR is a Dream

Yesterday was Friday and I have totally forgotten that. I even asked Willie do French people say to each other “Bon Weekend” even on Thursday.

Stayed kind of quite late in the office and had a good chat with Aurore regarding on the project matters.  Man, I feel good when the number of SIR is approaching zero.  I am free!  I am free!

Saturday morning, always the same.  Actually planned to wake up early to do some shopping for my coming trip next weekend but I failed to do so.  I ended up doing shopping starting from 4 pm, which was definitely not enough as all the shops close at 7 pm.  But I managed to get my sport gear and some nice casual wears.  Got to say shopping without looking very much at the price tags made me feel good.  Just charge in.

And composed a letter for JP.  Most probably that will put an end to our relationship.  I don’t know what I am doing at all but I guess that is for our own good.  Right devoted myself in writing a short story.