My Obsession with Mylene Farmer Continues

Claude has finally left for Cairo and I took over his desk.  Just too relax nowadays.

My long awaiting Mylene Farmer Live album has finally arrived.  Just tell you how much I obsess with it.  Went to Rue Montmatre wanted to dine at TGIF.  Instead, I walked into a record store, Extrapole, and discovered this beautiful album.  As I always buy CD from FNAC (for tax return purposes), I travel all the way to Chatelet and found that I was five minutes late.  Knowing that the FNAC in La Defense closed at eight, I rushed back to La Defense and walked into FNAC five minutes before it was closed.

Quite an exciting and interesting day for me.

In the Dark?

This afternoon I called up Benny and found that he has not read my email that was sent to him more than 2 weeks ago.  And he told me that all the family members were in the dark not knowing what was happened between me and her sister.  Too me, it is really over.  I shall not approach her again and beg for her love.  Maybe if she does it, I may have a second thought.

This evening, I met up with the BNP team.  Had a very long dinner and had a drink.  I nearly missed my last train (4 min).  Lucky me.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t want to walk.

And this morning, this French Lady called me and asked if I am free tomorrow for a lunch.  Why not?  She has 2 kids and a boyfriend.  I hope it would be interesting.  For that, I will miss the BNP team in La Defense.