What If I Take up a Job in Paris?

I am so obsess with my short story that I virtually spent all last night (except Jay Leno’s Show) reading over and over.  And busy returning mail to my friends. Willie invited me to go over to his place (with his girlfriend) one weekend.  How sweet of him!  He told me a little secret that… Continue reading What If I Take up a Job in Paris?

French Loves to Flirt?

Got an Email from Grace this morning saying that they are planning to visit Euro-Disney.  Wow!  I mean how I have been looking forward to have someone to come with me and it is such a “family” thing.  Been alone for too long. Listen to this, the people working in Societe Generale has one mentality… Continue reading French Loves to Flirt?

A Sunday at the Bookstore

They knocked at my door twice.  Never found out who there were.  Probably someone wanted to make my room.  Reminded me of those good University days when someone tried to wake me up in a lazy weekend afternoon. A very horrifying dream.  A very pretty girl kissing me while another guy playing with my dick. … Continue reading A Sunday at the Bookstore