A Day of Food Adventure

Okay, today I feel a lot better.  I didn’t approach CC just because she has offended me yesterday.  She was very direct and I shall be better in listening to criticism.

Lunch time, Balquais suggested going to one of the oldest Japanese restaurant in Jakarta.  Getting there was really tough as the driver didn’t know where was the place we were referring to.  I still remember it was Chikini IV.

The food was quite cheap.  And because I was so warm and friendly, the waitresses all laughed at me.  They are nice people.  Then we went to AC Jakarta.  Quite an impressive office (very new).

At night?  Well, had a Chinese meal (very cheap beer, so far) and had a (terrible) dessert at Fashion Café.  They claimed that one will be open in Singapore next year.  We shall see.  The food is quite bad tough.

Went to gym again and accompany Balquais back to BUN and get her organiser (tomorrow needs to get up and go Bali).  She was so happy when I said there is no problem at all.

In the End, Hamlet Died

Got up quite late and went to my favourite cinema and bought a ticket for the show “Hamlet”.  Dashed to my favourite restaurant (Japanese) and they opened it earlier especially for me.

Arrived just on time for the show and got a really lousy seat.  Anyway it wasn’t that bad.  Knowing the show would last for four hours, I came well mentally prepared.

A very good show indeed.  The third Shakespeare show.  And why do they always want to produce a tragic piece?  I have no idea.  In the end, Hamlet died.

Jackpot Machine

Jackpot Machine can be thought as a happiness machine.  Putting coins in the machine can be thought as all the pain and unhappiness.  What happens is you keep on suffering hoping that some great rewards shall arrive.  But how many of us can win in the end?

Spent the whole morning calling up people.  Called up Jenny and got my date of arriving at Jakarta fixed.  Called up Ginger and has my flight detail booked.  Have to pay a lot more as there is no more seat available.  Called up Mum and told her my schedule.  Finally called up Toby and had a good chat.

In the afternoon, went over to BNP and had a training there.  Version 5 seems more sophisticated then the SocGen version.  Had a long coffee break with Alvin in one of the café nearby.  The last time we did it was in Singapore.

I had this craving for Japanese food.  Don’t know why.

I Will Survive

Totally ridicules!  If not for Francis’s phone call and the room service phone call, I would have slept until God knows when.  Finally I woke up at seven pm.  Had a long hot shower and rushed off to my favourite Japanese restaurant.  One thing good about going to the same restaurant all the time is that they treat you really good.  Extra sushi and free cup of tea.

And the next thing was rush to watch a movie.  Wanted to watch the “5th Element” by Bruce Willis but it was full. So I watched “Shine”.  Very touching movie.  With the ticket voucher given (lent) by Aurore, I’ve got a really cheap bargain.

Annie’s email is always so practical and always reminds me of the cruel reality.  She even suggested that I shall stay in YMCA instead.  Alright, this is when the reality bites.  I shall survive.  I will survive.

Killing Time

I couldn’t really sleep last night.  Gone to bed at 10:30 pm and woke up at 2:30 am.  And I couldn’t go back to sleep.  Got up, obsessed with my coming broadcast and tried to go back to sleep at six.  Couldn’t.  Hence ordered breakfast.

Eventually, woke up at noon.  Nice sunshine today.  Desperate to go out and bathed in the sun.  Contemplating whether to call the BNP guys or not but I didn’t.

Sunglasses on, I went done to Châtelet-Les-Halles and decided to watch “Blood and Wine”.  Took the same route as Claude took me to 2 days ago.  Had lunch at one very nice bar.  Actually planned to watch the show at six in the afternoon but I couldn’t wait no more.  Just too much time.  Hence watched it at four instead.

Very good show.  It’s Jack Nicholson.  Went to Virgin store and walked aimlessly at the busy street of Champs-Elysees.  In the end, decided to go back to Châtelet and had my Japanese food.

Been thinking of my future house all the time.  Suddenly I remember one of the reason of coming back to Paris was to be able save some money for my future home (+ decorations and so on).  Shame that things do not always work out the way they suppose to be.