I Go Crazy, I Know That Much Is True

Long time haven’t logged down what I have done.  Well, I just go crazy over CC and I hope she loves me too.  Besides the … I have in my life, we feel very happy and comfortable with each other.  Just that her boyfriend has arrived in Jakarta, I seldom get to hold and kiss her.  And I really miss her nowadays.  Last night I could not sleep.  Life has once again become so unpredictable.

On This Day I Was Born


Yep, my birthday.

Had a few birthday emails and the ladies in our team have bought me a birthday cake.  Also had a lunch appointment with the BUN (functional?) team.  A very nice restaurant serving Indonesian food.  I was travelling with two ladies (even eating) and it was easy at all.  Must try to be fair to Balqais and CC.  Hence when I took food, I served the left and right first (or right and left).

And at night, I dined with CC. Just the two of us.

Many reasons to love here.  Many.

I Now Fall and I Will Lose

Tonight (after midnight already), I turned 1 year older.  And I was with CC.  Neither one of us realised that, of course.

For the whole day, I have been thinking of her.  I think I have already fallen in love with her and in less than a week’s time, I will lose her again.

The start of a heartbreak is coming, how nice.

Such a confusing situation.