I Go Crazy, I Know That Much Is True

Long time haven’t logged down what I have done.  Well, I just go crazy over CC and I hope she loves me too.  Besides the … I have in my life, we feel very happy and comfortable with each other.  Just that her boyfriend has arrived in Jakarta, I seldom get to hold and kiss her.  And I really miss her nowadays.  Last night I could not sleep.  Life has once again become so unpredictable.

On This Day I Was Born


Yep, my birthday.

Had a few birthday emails and the ladies in our team have bought me a birthday cake.  Also had a lunch appointment with the BUN (functional?) team.  A very nice restaurant serving Indonesian food.  I was travelling with two ladies (even eating) and it was easy at all.  Must try to be fair to Balqais and CC.  Hence when I took food, I served the left and right first (or right and left).

And at night, I dined with CC. Just the two of us.

Many reasons to love here.  Many.

I Now Fall and I Will Lose

Tonight (after midnight already), I turned 1 year older.  And I was with CC.  Neither one of us realised that, of course.

For the whole day, I have been thinking of her.  I think I have already fallen in love with her and in less than a week’s time, I will lose her again.

The start of a heartbreak is coming, how nice.

Such a confusing situation. 


On This Day I Fell

Okay, how shall I confess?

To confess the wrongdoing of my heart or the wrongdoing of my soul?

I have just followed my heart and that is what I end up with.  Knowing that CC has a devoted boyfriend, going to see her very soon, how could I end up in …

Knowing that this well is so deep that a step forward will end up dead at the bottom, why would I just fall in love, like that again?

Must be – using one pain to cover another one.

On This Day We Watched TV

This weekend, I have spent a lot of time with CC.  I feel myself strongly attractive to her.  But she has a very devoted boyfriend and I shall never even think about that at all.

Saturday night, she stayed at my apartment and watched TV together.  We chatted quite a lot and … what a pity.  Must be from the complex family background.

On This Day US Gained Independence

Today is US Independent Day.  Only when we went to Hard Rock Café did we realize it.

Okay, woke up late and didn’t feel very well.  Decided to see a doctor and ended up seeing one of the doctor in the apartment.  Interesting to know that even the doctor refuses to take the ice cube in the restaurant and he even suggested to wash the apple with warm water.

Took one day off and went out for shopping.  Spent most of the day watching MTV.

The best was yet to come.  That was our (Kenneth, CC, and I) first time visit to Hard Rock Café.  Had a delicious meal (the most decent place in Jakarta) and they left the place just when the live band appeared.  For me, I stayed on and danced till two in the morning.

Only when I stepped into the taxi did I feel scared.  I mean just me alone, and single and the driver (to me a small boy under eighteen) kept on telling me that the strip show is very exciting so on.

I am a decent guy right?  Must live up to my decent reputation.

A Day of Food Adventure

Okay, today I feel a lot better.  I didn’t approach CC just because she has offended me yesterday.  She was very direct and I shall be better in listening to criticism.

Lunch time, Balquais suggested going to one of the oldest Japanese restaurant in Jakarta.  Getting there was really tough as the driver didn’t know where was the place we were referring to.  I still remember it was Chikini IV.

The food was quite cheap.  And because I was so warm and friendly, the waitresses all laughed at me.  They are nice people.  Then we went to AC Jakarta.  Quite an impressive office (very new).

At night?  Well, had a Chinese meal (very cheap beer, so far) and had a (terrible) dessert at Fashion Café.  They claimed that one will be open in Singapore next year.  We shall see.  The food is quite bad tough.

Went to gym again and accompany Balquais back to BUN and get her organiser (tomorrow needs to get up and go Bali).  She was so happy when I said there is no problem at all.