A Girl Called Autumn, Continued

Autumn.  Autumn.  Autumn.

What a nice name!  Colin told me that she was with us in the Accent on C/S class and he may as well be right.  Somehow, I vaguely remember such a person.

In the morning, we had a group activity – Traffic Jam Problem.  The problem is six of us lined up in a row while another six (opposite team) lined up facing us.  There is an empty space in the middle and each of us can only move forward one single space or “take over” the one in front if only he/she (the one in front) is not facing in the same direction of us. (And we were the first group to figure out the solution.)

Somehow, Autumn was standing very close in front of me at some point in time.  She took a look at my tie (actually held it there) and told me that she loved this tie a lot.  She virtually loved the Zebra.

We went on for another round and when she was right in front of me, I asked if she was really called Autumn and she replied yes.  I told her that it was a really nice name.

And throughout the day, I have been thinking about her.

The day was a disaster.  I just can’t really get along with that Japanese fellow.  Too much conflict and just don’t want to mention about it right now.

Colin and I went to the beer shop and get the Honey Brown.  Got to say I had this feeling of not being of getting into the bus as our stop is the last one.  True enough, the bus was full.  So we decided to walk back.  Colin told me that it would take half an hour and in the end, we ended up walking for an hour.  Nice experience though.

Eugene did reply my last mail (and cc to Colin).  What he replied was so philosophical and it took us quite a while to figure out (still) what he was trying to say.

Looking forward to tomorrow for I shall see Autumn again.