Flying Back from American to Paris

With the time difference (9 hr), it is kind of hard to say what is yesterday.  But technically, it was last morning when we have to get up early and drove to the airport.  Colin has been quiet since – May 4 – and he didn’t try to make any conversation at all.  It is very strange to me and I kept on thinking that maybe it’s me who has done something wrong.  On the other hand, maybe it is his personal reason.  Just that what a pity that the holiday ended that way.

Quite a long and adventurous travel for me as I have to fly from LA to Chicago and from Chicago to Paris.  Really surprised that my luggage can be automatically transferred through as the first trip was American Airline and the second one is Air France.  (Although at the end, the Air France part got confused and my luggage was the last one to come out.)  Watched Pulp Fiction a few times on board.  And the air hostess was drop dead sweet with a very nice smile.

Got back to my beloved hotel and my old room will not be ready until tomorrow.  Went for a haircut and my favourite barber was not around and I ended up with the one who can’t speak English at all.  Lucky Eric came out at last and it wasn’t too late.

Called up Sophie and she even wanted me to come to work in the late afternoon.  Crazy.

Called up Mohamed and we had an Indian food.

Tomorrow – back to work!!

Before I stop, I do receive 74 new mails today.  Wow!

So I Had Raw Beef

I felt so different today.  I have a new haircut and I wore contact lens.  Totally different and in such a jolly mood.

Received the reply from Benny, hence my feeling drops a bit.

Composed an email back to the office and it was kind of a complain.

Went into a bar kind of restaurant.  Ordered a set menu and had started of the day.  When the waiter tried to explain to me what it was, he told me that it was beef with vegetable on top.  In fact, the beef was raw.  Totally raw.  Guess I can take the Steak Tartar now!  I was so worried that the chicken in mushroom sauce was raw as well.  Lucky it wasn’t.

Have to busy reply to my friends.

Of Nuclear Transfer and Transgene Technologies

Been a very tiring day (last night’s party) and didn’t really work for the whole day.  Meeting here and meeting there.  Politics and gossips and so on.  Enhancement and bug talk.  You name it.  Lunch time rushed down to “New Men” and collected my pair of trousers.   Japanese for dinner.  What else?  Brought a pair of sport shoes and I am ready to go for my holiday.  One more thing, finally had my haircut appointment.  Still no news from JP.  Probably she has forgotten me.  Wanted to dial in Lotus Notes but the server in Paris does not respond.

Check this out.  The Nuclear Transfer Technology.

The technique involves several steps.  First, the donor cells are grown under special conditions in culture.  In this way the number of cells can be increased by several orders of magnitude.  It is also possible to make genetic modifications and to select just those cells in which the desired modification has occurred and multiply these up.  These cells are then fused with an unfertilized egg from which the introduced nucleus can lead to the formation of an embryo.  The embryos are then transplanted into sheep and lambs are born naturally.

  1. Cells of donor embryo are separated
  2. Chromosomes are removed from the unfertilized egg
  3. Donor cell is place next to oocyte and fused it with an electric current
  4. Embryo develops as though a newly fertilized egg

Check this out as well.  The Transgene Technology

Transgenic technology is the introduction of a gene(s) from one species into the DNA of another.  In the current methods for production of transgenic animals, the gene of interest is introduced into a fertilised egg and becomes integrated into the host DNA.  The gene is linked to a piece of DNA, called the promoter, which makes it active only in certain parts of the transgenic animal.  In PPL Therapeutics’ case, genes encoding human proteins are expressed so that the protein is produced in the animal’s milk.  Because the protein is produced only in the milk, the animal is normal and healthy.

Stressed with Work

Erm, what happened today? Well, I remembered beginning with the day with a very positive attitude and somehow, after lunch, I was very stressed up with the Collateral Module and the Interest Accrued (yes, doesn’t work again) plus the Profitability Programs.  Wow, just all at one go and made me really mad.

And I had to rush off for a hair cut appointment.  Have to say one of the best haircut I ever had. What to say, French are artistic.

And I had to sort out my receipts.  Really painful.  In conclusion, I am not good at accounting at all.